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Jul 9, 2014 05:57 AM

Eastside Social

Had a most pleasant evening at this new Leslieville spot. Think of it as neighbourhood pub/tapas bar. We sat a the bar (there is an adjacent dining room) enjoyed pints and shared three of the menu items. Last evening's mushroom speical consisted of mushroom pate on molasses bread served hot in a skillet of sautéed mushrooms - wow! Next, the salt cod balls with two sauces; a great and tasty variation on the standard cod croquettes found in most tapas bars. To conclude, the 'liver and onions' a bruleed pate, with pickled onion and onion scones. More substantial menu choices, to be tried on another visit include skate schnitzel and a daily variation of meat and pasta called "hamburger helper". Comfortable, reasonably priced and friendly service. A great addition to an already interesting restaurant strip.

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  1. I hate when the website gallery shows photos of the decor and not much else.

    The captain apparently is established in the industry yet it doesn't mention one place he's worked?

    Maybe just me, but I find that odd. Having said all that, I will probably, at some point, check the place out. The menu has a Celli Cottage feel to it.

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      Chef DB says that he is Partner in Ruby Watch Co... but no other mention..

    2. I have now been to this place twice and enjoyed both visits quite a lot. We sat at the bar the first time and the dining room the second time, and had ceviche and salt cod balls on both visits; I would definitely order both again. The caesar salad was delicious, as was the yorkshire pudding poutine!!

      The owner is super friendly - and apparently his wife Cherie Stinson (of Restaurant Makeover fame) designed the lovely and comfortable space. Great addition to the neighbourhood.

      1. I went last Thursday with gf of mine. It is as your would expect, casual, friendly, simple food that is for the most part tasty. We had the deviled eggs, the bread, olives, pickles and chips and each had a Caesar salad with a "fried poached egg."

        All of the items were tasty and a good sharing size portion - all but out salads. The bread is DELICIOUS! Slightly sweet, good crunch on the crust and it is served warm. The deviled eggs were so good we thought about a second order.

        That was the only miss for from what we tried. The dressing was lacking in seasoning and looked like it may have been a pre made product of sorts. There was no discernible anchovy which I really love in my Caesar. The double smoked bacon was two tiny pieces and while the egg was seemingly perfectly poached the fried outside layer of panko was oily and chewy instead of light and crisp.

        Overall I think it is a nice cheap and cheerful addition to the hood but not a destination place.