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Jul 8, 2014 06:19 PM

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - July 2014

7/9 - World Cup semi-final & Off the Grid food trucks, Civic Center, SF

7/9 - German wine tasting with Stuart Piggot, Menlo Park

7/11 - Community Appreciation Dinner, Albany

7/12 - 22nd annual Cotati Kids Day Parade & Festival (free pancake breakfast)

7/12 - Wine Country Big Q, Rohnert Park

7/12 - MCC Community Iftar Dinner, Pleasanton (free)

7/12 - Art in the Park, Armstrong Redwoods, Guerneville

7/13 - ING Annual Ramadan Dinner, Pleasanton

7/13 - Interfaith Dinner, Congregation Netivot Shalom, Berkeley

7/13 - Olive and Beer pairing with Don Landis, Santa Rosa
(If you want to learn to cure olives, this is the GUY.)

7/13 - 60th Anniversary Chicken Teriyaki & Bazaar, Enmanji Buddhist Temple, Sebastopol
(The very best of the community chicken teriyaki events.)

7/15 - Ramandan Iftar, ACCC, San Francisco

7/15 - 3rd annual Brews & Bites for Petaluma Bounty, Lagunitas Brewing

7/16 - Islamic Relief Organization Iftar and Dinner, Fremont

7/17 - Meet & Meat, Sonoma (blind tasting of four different local grassfed steaks)

7/17 - Ramadan Iftar, Zaytuna College, Berkeley

7/17 - Love of the Land, Fulton

7/18 - Interfaith Iftar dinner, Zaytuna College, Berkeley

7/19 - Rivertown Revival, Petaluma

7/19 - San Francisco Islamic School Annual Iftar, SF

7/19 & 20 - J-Pop Summit Festival, San Francisco

7/19 & 20 - 22nd Annual Catalan Festival, Gloria Ferrer, Sonoma

7/20 - Interfaith Iftar, SBIA, San Jose

7/20 - 57th Annual Occidental Volunteer Fire Dept BBQ, Union Hotel Grove

7/22 - Tasting Table presents unlimited fried chicken & unlimited Stella Artois @ Pican, Oakland

7/22 - Becoming Independent's Luau at Lagunitas, Petaluma

7/24 - San Francisco Friendship Ramadan Dinner

7/26 - Fort Ross Festival

7/26 & 27 - 76th Ginza Bazaar, Buddhist Church of San Francisco

7/27 - Wilmar Volunteer Fire Department - 48th Annual Chicken BBQ Fundraiser, Petaluma

7/29 - 42nd Annual Agri-Business BBQ, Shone Farm, Forestville

7/31 - Mad Hatter's Tea, Bodega Bay Grange

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  1. Oops, just discovered that I have a promo code for today's BBQ festival in Rohnert Park. Online ticket sales through noon today. Pre-sale tickets are available at Online ticket purchasers can save $10 per adult ticket by entering the promo code “JUDGE” (Case Sensitive).

    7/12 & 13 - Greek & Middle Eastern Food Festival, Rohnert Park

    7/12 & 13 - San Jose Betsuin Obon Festival

    7/13 - "Ripe for Change" A Fair Food - Field to Table Film Screening & Discussion (free

    7/19 - Screening "The Organic Life", Healdsburg

    7/26 - Strawberry Feasts Forever, Sebastopol

    7/26 - CoffeeCon, San Francisco

    1. 7/18 - Ta'leef Collective Community Iftar, Palo Alto

      7/19 - Obon at Enmanji Buddhist Temple, Sebastopol

      7/19 & 20 - Mountain Obon Festival and Bazaar

      7/20 - Fenton's Creamery Outdoor Social, Oakland (free scoop)

      7/24-8/2 - Silicon Valley Beer Week

      7/25 & 26 - Redwood City PAL Blues, Arts & BBQ Festival

      7/25-27 - 36th Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival

        1. re: Mul

          The lines are three blocks long with estimated wait time of 2 to 3 hours. And if you get to head of line, everything might be sold out by that time.

          1. re: Mul

            Lines for food trucks on other end of Post 20+ deep even for ice cream. Jtown mall looks like Tokyo subway during rush hour. Super Mira and Nijiya sold out of prepared food. Even Thai resto overwhelmed. Headed north on Fillmore ahead of hungry mobs, cookies still available at Fillmore Bakeshop. Bun Mee has 45 min wait. Other restaurants closing their doors.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I went there and seen the line and decided not to bother. Had few of the onigillly and moffle waffle, other than that, too crowded to wait anywhere.

              If you plan to come tomorrow / Sunday, come very early. Don't expect to park in Japantown Garage, park on the street.

              1. re: Mul

                I didn't have any ramen either. These were the biggest crowds I've ever experienced, shoulder to shoulder on the sidewalk with no room to move. And that was not the ramen line. I contemplated screaming hysterically in hopes that a security guard would come and take me away. Eventually, a father carrying his infant overhead appeared, the crowd inhaled to let him pass, and I followed behind to escape.

                I kept heading up Fillmore and eventually found refuge at Jane and snagged a table even to enjoy a salad. Soon after, the line to order was out the door and it was SRO. Fillmore St was packed with people cruising trying to find something to eat mid-afternoon and waiting in line. Elite Cafe was full to the rafters with a line, a big crowd out on the sidewalk at Pizzeria Delfina, Roam, and other places. I had noticed pizza boxes from Dino on the plaza. Guess those spectators walked over to Fillmore to get a transportable bite to take back to the performance.

                On the way back to Post Street, the sidewalk cleared out somewhat behind the booths where the ramen was being prepared. While I didn't eat any, I had the chance to inhale some fumes. Some photos:

            1. re: marilees

              You guys missed:
              7/19 Big Eat Live in AT&T Park


              $75 but it sold out and was pretty cool. Each restaurant served up its signature dish..

              1. re: Foodnut8

                Lucky you that you got in. Yeah, by the time I got around to posting about it, I checked and it was sold out (and likewise Lamb Jam earlier this month).

                As you hear of stuff, please add them to the monthly thread.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  FYI They had a limited number of tickets at the door..

            2. 7/28 - Eat like a chef, benefit for SF-Marin Food Bank, San Francisco

              7/30 - Donate blood at Off the Grid, SF, receive a free OTG meal voucher

              7/31 - Master Food Preserver informational meeting, Half Moon Bay

              7/31 - Indulge, benefit for Hayes Valley Bakeworks, San Francisco