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Wholesale Clam prices increased over 50% this week !!? !!? Dairy Joy

Was at Dairy Joy tonight, they had this sign posted.... Thoughts!!? How come everyone else seems to still have reasonable prices? Seems weird / unbelievable to me. Discuss.....

Sorry for the blurry photo...

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  1. I have been waiting/predicting the 50 dollar large fried clam order for two years now

    I say double it, "New England Large!" and charge 100 bucks. caveat emptor.

    There has never been a better time to hate fish.

    Leave 'em in the ocean.

    1. there is a red tide issue from newbury to gloucester, however, i have little doubt that part of this is dj simply gouging.

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        The red tide ban was lifted for some areas (Ipswich) on June 19th, the rest on July 1st.

      2. thank goodness we have a choice of where we patronize.

        1. People bitch about the price of clams at this place every year. Stop going.

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              Hey at least with the 50% wholesale increase this year, they are only raising prices 15% rather than 25% like last year!

          1. I had a monstrous plate of fried clams, scallops and shrimp at Dube's last night... The damage $22

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              Dube's is excellent. If I lived next to DJ, I'd drive to Dube's and even with time and gasoline usage, I'd be ahead.

            2. Because of the recent weather (Hurricane Arthur), there have been a lot of rain closures around Massachusetts and Maine (where most steamers are sourced), so hard-shell and soft-shell clams have been VERY limited. Rain closures usually last 3-5 days depending on state and local regulations, so during that time, no fishermen can harvest in those areas.

              Demand is outpacing supply, so the fishermen who are providing the little amount of clams available are asking more for their products and that cost increase is being passed on to the consumer.

              Source: I work for a shellfish wholesaler in Boston. :)

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                  That's true; I have a recreational shellfish license and the beds have been closed since the heavy rains on the 4th.

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                    Well here is my question: Does DJ really only use MA/ME clams? I am doubtful.......

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                      A restaurant typically has one, maybe two, seafood distributors that deliver to them. If that distributor only has one shellfish vendor, the restaurant wouldn't have too many choices. It would be hard for the restaurant to get their clams shipped from somewhere else as a new customer on such short notice. Not defending them, but just some food for thought. :)

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                        I think most soft shell clams come from New England. This article suggests that you can find them as far south as the Chesapeake but 90% of them get shipped to Maine!


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                    conni, i learned so much reading Shucked recently,but i know nothing about soft shell clams, so i would love to understand something- how does rain cause the closures? thx.

                    1. re: opinionatedchef

                      Here is an informative fact sheet I found on Google which should answer your questions: http://des.nh.gov/organization/commis...

                      Happy to answer anything further! :)

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                        thx much; that's a v helpful site. i do have another question i've been wanting to ask for awhile, but it is OT: is 'foil pack' blue fin lump crab meat (from Indonesia iirc) still being distributed in the boston area? any retail spots you know of? thx so much!

                  3. DJ pricing strategy notwithstanding, I have always been impressed with what an almost pure market economy seafood is up and down the entire chain. E.g. Maine lobster coops have worked exactly the same way for a hundred years in a very elegant equilibrium.

                    I suspect the almost impossibility of storage for any length of time is a factor.

                    It's kinda cool.

                    connitalupita, sounds like you are part of it, am I over-romanticizing?

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                      Haha, Carty, are you an economist?

                      I would agree for the most part when it comes to the shellfish industry, though governmental regulations as of late have suppressed supply and are causing a bit of havoc on the market.

                      I can't speak for all seafood though, for example, the fish industry is a completely different ball game, especially dealing with imports.