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2 Day trip in Seattle (July 11-12)

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Hi to all food experts.

I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Just wonder any good place to eat Lobster roll in Seattle. I will be living at Inn At Queen Anne, Seattle.

Also I love to eat steak with foie gras, besides Red Cow, any steak house offers this kind of combinations ?

Please kindly advise ASAP.

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  1. The foie gras question arises regularly, a search on the board should arm you with information.

    Seattle is not a place where lobster roll is a thing. A decent shrimp roll is available at Pike Place Chowder.

    1. I believe Chippy's in Ballard does lobster rolls. I've not been there yet, but reviews here have been mixed.

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        It's a crab roll at Chippys and it's not overly great.

      2. I'll probably get flamed for this, but I love the happy hour at the capital grill and my three favs there are the tenderloin sandwiches, fried calamari and the mini lobster rolls. Lobster rolls aren't easy to come by here, unfortunately.

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          thanks for your hint.

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            I love happy hour at Daniels and I don't think that's a popular answer either ;)