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Jul 8, 2014 03:53 PM


Ramadan has started, Where's good Iftar place in Bay Area?

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  1. I have no idea, but Melanie Wong has a post with some interesting options:

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    1. If you have tried any this year, please tell us about them.

      Some years ago I went to Salang Pass in Fremont for iftar. It had a buffet line set up and offered dates for immediate eating.

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        Just wanted to write here for others looking for iftars: The MCA in Santa Clara has a halal cafe called crescent cafe which has the best biryani and awesome haleem. The only two things i had and loved. The place is not the best as far as ambience (none) but food is great!

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          Thanks, I'm happy to have a good referral for the future. And a good haleem or biryani is reason enough to try it. According to its website, it stays open until 10pm, good to know as late night eats are scarce.

          Crescent Cafe
          3003 Scott Blvd
          Santa Clara, CA 95054
          (408) 988-0786

          Daily 10am - 10pm

      2. Going to Holy Land in Santa Clara tonight for their iftar ~ Heard its good ~

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          Please let us know if it's good. I see that it has manakeesh.

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            Yes, we did go there last night. Even though we had called and reserved a table for 8, our table was outside in the parking lot. When asked, the fellow cleaning the tables said that they had 2 large groups that took over all the indoor tables.
            There are dates available for iftar and cups of water. Then the chaos began. The line for buffet was out the door and 50 deep before the time to break fast and since we wanted to pray magrib (they had a area outside where one could pray), by the time we got in line and reached the food, it was 9:15 pm (as you can imagine 45 mins of waiting for food after you break fast does not make a happy person) They did a good job of refilling the food which ran out very very fast. Everything was delicious, the falafels were the best ever and so was the chicken. Did not see the manakeesh.
            I would go back for next Ramadan if they can solve the long lines issues.

            1. re: hkhader

              Making fasters have to wait for their food does sound like an ugly situation. I'm glad that it turned out to be delicious. Always interested in good falafel.