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Jul 8, 2014 03:04 PM

Where to Buy Sour Cherries in Boston

Fresh sour cherries are hard to find and now that my local source of frozen cherries in Brookline is gone (the Russian Market), not sure where to go. Any suggestions?

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  1. There's a Russian market in Newton, Baza, they have had the frozen sour cherries both times I've been there. I bought some a couple months ago, not sure if they have them year round.

    1. I still buy them frozen at Bazaar on Cambridge Street in Allston. The Bazaar on Beacon will carry fresh sour cherries in season.

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        teezee, can you tell me what the package looks like? I had an odd experience at Bazaar a couple of weeks ago when I tried to buy sour cherries for my son's birthday pie. I wanted to make sure the packages I was buying were sour cherries, not sweet, and a woman working at the store said they definitely were not sour and that they did not have any sour cherries.

        Last time I bought them was at Bazaar West in Framingham, which I would guess has a similar inventory. The package was different from the ones at Bazaar on Cambridge St. I haven't made it back to Framingham yet but hope to do so soon to check and see if they still carry them. I still owe my son a sour cherry pie!

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          I bought frozen sour cherries at Berezka in Allston this afternoon. I was a bit unsure myself whether they were sweet or sour, but Google Translate helped me out. It appears that there are two different words for "cherry" in Russian; one is sweet cherries and the other is sour. Looks for the Russian label to say "вишня" ("vishnya").

          We also saw fresh NY sour cherries at Russo's yesterday, but they seemed quite overripe so I passed on them.

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            sorry bear, didn't see your post. I buy them in large plastic containers from the freezer section at Bazaar on Cambridge Street. They are a light red and, thus far, have been unsweetened sour cherries that I use for pies and crumbles (also for a marvelous sauce with port wine for duck). They don't always have them and the younger staff do speak English so you can ask. I don't recall any particular markings on them other than weight and price.

            1. re: teezeetoo

              Thanks so much for the replies. Allstonian, I've copied and pasted the Russian word and put it in my phone notepad for future reference.

              Teezee, Baza did have some cherries in the clear plastic clamshells that you describe, and that's why I was confused when the woman working there was adamant that there were no sour cherries, only sweet, when the young woman helping me asked her. Either she was mistaken or there was a miscommunication.

              I did see fresh sour cherries at Wilson Farm the other day for $6.99/qt., but have been away for a couple of days so I didn't check them out. Having those frozen pitted cherries in the freezer is awfully convenient in a pinch.

        2. Wilson Farm in Lexington has them for 1-2 weeks each year - from upstate NY, I think - haven't seen them yet.

          1. I'm in WMa, and my local supplier (a local orchard) says they lost their whole sour cherry crop due to the cold spring. I don't know if that's a widespread problem...I sure hope not.

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              My neighbor's sour cherry tree is loaded, the fruit is probably past its prime at this point. But that said I haven't seen any in the markets yet this year.

            2. Not so close, but I got a quart from Crow Farm in Sandwich on the Cape and had a nice rhubarb cherry crumble pie. I think they do some S. Shore farmers markets, but I'd call ahead if you have your heart set on the cherries.