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Jul 8, 2014 11:17 AM

Raleigh Near Marriott City Center

We will be in Raleigh at the very end of July for two nights staying at the Marriott City Center. Any suggestions for restaurants within walking distance? Any type of cuisine is OK. If there is something unique to Raleigh/NC that would be great. Mid-priced (most entrees up to the $20s) or even very casual is OK. Also please let me know if you think reservations are necessary for the place on a Friday or Sat. night. Thanks!

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  1. Poole's is two blocks west of your hotel, Christensen won the Beard award this year for best chef Southeast. They don't take reservations, get there early.

    1. You are in a really good location as far as walking and food! Like D R C said, Poole's is an excellent point, I also am dying to eat dinner at her coffee shop Joule, I went in there for coffee one morning and the previous evening specials were on the board it sounded fantastic!!

      And while were at it, you might as well go to her bar too! Fox Liquor Bar! If you like destination cocktails, go to Foundation too.

      If you like spicy food go to Bida Manda, - make a reservation!

      Check out Buku, Mo's Diner, for lunch I would check out Centro (Mexican) and Spize (Vietnamese, especially if you like Bahn mi)

      1. As others have mentioned, Poole's is a great choice. Bida Manda is good too. Spize cafe was great but is no longer there. Other options might be capital club 16 or Garland. I'd also recommend a short walk over to Videri chocolate, which is a bean-to-bar operation in a cool space near there

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            Yep - Spize closed several months ago.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. FWIW I think all the AC places are "unique to Raleigh/NC" given her downtown restaurant "empire" and the Beard award this year.