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Jul 8, 2014 08:30 AM


hi any idea how much time and mney i should allow for taxis to and from bilbao old town?


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  1. From the Miro Hotel (across from the Guggenheim) it was 15 minutes drive. Maybe a few minutes more from old town but not much.

    The concierge got us a private driver (Mercedes with a tie-wearing driver :) and it was 30 euros each way. Since a cab to the airport was 25 euros and Azurmendi is about 8 km past the airport turn-off on the same highway I'm guessing a street cab would be maybe 27-28 euros, but I don't know for sure. Just be certain the cab driver knows where the restaurant is since some diners have reported having problems finding it.

    If you want to save 35-40 euros you could catch the bus to the airport (1.4 euros) and grab a cab there to the restaurant, which I'm guessing would be 6-8 euros.

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      Thanks tahrs great. Yes I was reckoning on about 25 euros

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        There wasn't much difference from what I recall (meaning after a few drinks at the restaurant!). It was about 25 euro from the airport and the return into town was about 30 euro