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Jul 8, 2014 07:01 AM

Calgary Trip Report - Hot Ramen Facials & More!

Hi Calgary hounds, I usually visit Calgary about once a year and I always find the food scene to be interesting and ever-evolving. Nice change of pace from Vancouver too. I think Calgary has this Prairie farming and ranching spirit that's missing from Vancouver restaurants. Anyways, here's a trip report from my weeklong stay last week. We left before Stampede started :P

Hope you enjoy my take on your scene.

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  1. Thank you Dennis, that was a great read. Though we are not, and maybe never will be, on par with Vancouver's restaurant choices, Calgary dining has improved immensely since I moved here 17 years ago.

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      Thanks so much Tibbles!

      My to-do list was triple the amount that I actually got done, so plenty of stuff to check out next time :)