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Jul 7, 2014 09:43 PM

One more Dinner for Repeat Travelers

We have been to NO several times and I am finalizing dinner reservations for our trip in August. I am starting to question my pick of Pesche for one dinner based on some recent poor reviews I have read. We are also booked at Cochon (2nd time but loved it) and GW Fins. I am trying to decide whether we should keep the Pesche reservation, go somewhere we have already been or try something else new.

We have been to Emeril's, Nola, Muriel's, Herbsaint, Cochon, Dickie Brennan's, and Mr. B's on past trips. Husband isn't a seafood eater (Pesche seems to have a few non-seafood items) and we prefer to stay in/close to the quarter based on other plans we have.

Thoughts on Pesche from recent diners?

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  1. If husband is not a seafood eater, the logic of eating at Pesche collapses, IMO. Especially when you also plan a meal at GW Fins.

    You don't mention Galatoire's as a past or present experience. I would bring that only-in-NOLA-experience to the very front of the line. A very honorable second to Clancy's (which will take you outside the FQ).

    R'evolution in the FQ can feel like a theme park, but they do put a lot of good food on the plate, and they have an impressive wine cellar. The non-fish-loving husband may love the Chicago-esque steak section of their menu.

    Other suggestions are certain to rain down, please let us know where you end up and your impressions of same after the visit.

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    1. re: Gizmo56

      Revolution as theme park is perfect. I've been looking for le mot juste and you provided it.Thanks

      1. re: Gizmo56

        Revolution was on my list as well. Are you suggesting Pesche is not worth it for someone who won't eat any seafood?

        We are also trying to steer clear of anywhere requiring a jacket for hubby.

        Thank you for the input.

        1. re: sueinca

          I think it is fair to say that the hoopla over Peche is based on their fish dishes so Gizmo's point is, well, "what's the point?" But he's right that there is enough bloody meat there to satisfy a pescatorial protester.

          Only Galatoire's REQUIRES a jacket (after 5:00). No one else gives a good godamn anymore.

          1. re: sueinca

            It just seemed to me that since one of you won't touch seafood, two fish-centric restaurants may be a bit much.

            Too bad that hubby won't don a jacket. The unique Galatoire's experience is more than worthy of dressing up.

            Enjoy your visit!

        2. Have you considered Mariza in the Rice Mill Lofts in the Bywater? I think it is fabulous. The Burratta crostini is to die for.