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Jul 7, 2014 05:46 PM

Question about Kombucha with green tea

Hi Chowhounds, I've dived into the kombucha craze and started brewing some at home. I'm just starting to brew my fourth batch today when I noticed the SCOBY had a fine sprinkling of light green dots. It did not look like mold. It look like green tea residue. Or so I think.

For the rest of you kombucha brewing experts, have you had this experience with your SCOBY picking up some of the green tea residue?

I then tasted it…and I "think" it tasted fine. I say "think" because I've read so many blogs/articles about Kombucha turning bad and so on that I am a little nervous.

What's the worse thing that can happen if you taste some "bad" kombucha?

Thanks for any information!

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  1. Easy way to tell is let it sit for another day or two and see if the spots grow. If no, green tea may be the culprit. Are the spots on top? How would the tea residue have gotten there?

    I have been brewing kombucha for about 6 months now and have not found it to be a fraught process. Yours is probably fine.

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      The green part is on the bottom and side of the SCOBY. Thanks for the feedback!

    2. I've noticed that even with careful straining, my kombucha accumulates some sediments - bits of tea - in the bottom. I just take out the scoby and rinse it well in cool running water. Next I pour off the kombucha and discard the liquid with sediment.

      I also keep a spare scoby in the fridge in case the one I am using gets contaminated. It's easy to discard a scoby I'm uncomfortable with if there's one in the fridge ready to use.

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        What a great idea! Thanks for the feedback!

      2. I am also making kombucha with green tea and have not noticed any greening on the scoby but I haven't been looking for any damage either. It is important to keep it in acidic environment so that no bad bugs have a chance to survive. I always leave a cup or so of the kombucha when I strain the jar and add fresh tea to it. It ferments rigorously and tastes great :)

        I would take the scoby out and give it a good rinse and divide if it is getting too big for your container.

        Thank you for starting the thread! Would love to hear how others make their kombucha. Did anyone use the scoby to make vinegar? Apparently the scoby is the same as mother.

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          I like to add fresh apple or pear juice to the scoby and a little kombucha and make vinegar. Great for salad dressings! Right now I'm experimenting with fresh blueberries for vinegar.

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            Thank you for sharing this idea - I'll have to try soon!