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Jul 7, 2014 04:52 PM

Help with a wine bottle

its from quebec and i dont speak french myself, ive never seen this before and it looks fairly old. An Older friend gave it to me, and she couldnt tell me much about it.
It doesnt have a date on it, nor a barcode...

So I guess this might be a fun little puzzle for someone thanks

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  1. Are you trying to find this wine in Montreal, or just to have the bottle translated, or something else?

    Peach sparkling wine - brand L'oiseau bleu (Blue Bird)

    I plugged "L'oiseau bleu" into the SAQ site and nothing came up for this brand.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      awe thank you so much i was trying to find out about it!

      where it came from, mostly how old it is as it has no date on it and im wondering if its still good

      1. re: sunnylove

        I can't help you with the "is it any good" part (and for that you might actually want to post on the Wine board) but I did find this post about the L'oiseau bleu winery's trademark!

    2. Looks like L'Oiseau Bleu was a sub-brand made by a company called Dumont Vins et Spiriteux in Quebec. Even though they still have a listing on Yelp, I'm pretty sure they're out of business. They made inexpensive non-vintage table wines.

      There's a phone number at the Yelp link that might be worth a try...

      1. Mousseux à a pèche would be a sweet sparkling wine with some sort of peach flavoring -- whether it's from real peaches, or made from peach juice, or just artificial flavor, is anybody's guess, because that information isn't in the photo.