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Jul 7, 2014 03:58 PM

Whistler - Family-friendly food suggestions?

We're heading up to Whistler with two little ones for the weekend (under 6). Looking for any suggestions for where to eat in the Village. Breakfast is provided by the hotels but we'll be there for two lunches and two dinners. May self-cater lunch depending on the weather, etc so any suggestions for good bakeries, etc would be appreciated too.
We've just realized it's going to be the Children's Festival while we're there so anywhere that will take reservations would be an added bonus.

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    1. On the way to/from Whistler, if you need a weekdayish lunch or an early dinner: Still my favourite itamae, now in Squamish for seven years!

      1. Peaked Pies is good! More of a take out place but they have a few seats outside.

        Or Creekbread in Creekside.

        In Squamish, check out Sunflower Bakery Cafe:

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        1. Been a while since last there, but we enjoyed Splitz for burgers, Avalanche for great pizzas, Dubh Linn Gate at the Pan Pacific for pub grub and Caramba for Italian.

          1. The first night we had dinner at the Brewpub which took reservations through OpenTable. Definately family-friendly, good beers (tried the sampler which isn't on the menu but was a good deal), and surprisingly good pizza. Excellent service too. The kids loved the miniature train,, which runs on an overhead track around the restaurant and came by every few minutes, so much we ended up back there the second night as well. Not a foodie-experience but served the purpose for a relaxing family meal.

            On another note, after seeing the round-the-block line up for Cow's Ice cream we decided to try the gelato "shop" located in the back of the Hatley Clothing store just across the bridge from Cow's. About 12 different locally made gelato and sorbeto offerings from Lucia Gelato (they also have a small stand outside the Roundhouse on the top of Whistler). The sorbetto was especially good - not too sweet, very pure fruit taste, creamy texture. And the best part was barely any line-up.