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Jul 7, 2014 03:57 PM

Food Cities beyond Montreal & Quebec City?

Hello All,

So I am a Brooklynite with a love for summer road trips to Canada. So far, we have hit Quebec City and Montreal (plus Toronto) and loved, loved, loved all of them. I'd love to do another Quebec trip and was just reading about the Laurentians, which sound interesting... so perhaps I could combine that with Montreal? But I am open to all suggestions re: interesting Quebec food cities--not any further than about a 10 hours drive or so from NYC. There also needs to be enough other things to do for a tween beyond food.... One of these days, we really want to make it to Vancouver for its food scene, but for now, we need to stick with road trips from NYC.

Many Thanks in Advance!

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  1. The only restaurant worth seeking out in the Laurentians is Seb. Mont Tremblant is a lovely place to visit, but a bit of a food wasteland, unfortunately.

    1. Have a look at Val David which is close to Montreal and Tremblant. Small very pretty town with 32 restaurants. Lots of activities for families. Biking, hiking and lake activities.

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        A huge thanks to everyone for all your recs! Am now leaning toward maybe staying in Montreal and doing a day trip, perhaps to Val David (per Deborah's rec--thank you), with all its restaurants etc. Though we have been to Montreal twice, I am realizing we were never visited the Planetarium or Science Museum, which my tween would enjoy... and we have a hotel there we love (Hotel de L'Institute) with the best beds ever--across from Mme Claffoutis (Love!) So that is what I am thinking now....though am still open to more recs. Many thanks!

      2. Instead of the Laurentians you might want to check out the Eastern Townships - it's a bit more of a foodie destination.

        Manoir Hovey in North Hatley is really spectacular and its food is award-winning:

        You could also visit the Coaticook Dairy which is a short drive away:

        Others may have more suggestions in places like Sutton or Knowlton.

        1. Manoir Hovey's table d'hôte menu: (always changing so many not be the same when you go, but always has a variety of things


          > There also needs to be enough other things to do for a tween beyond food.

          In Coaticook (near the dairy I posted before) I recommend the Coaticook Gorge Park - world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge! And the park is gorgeous and it's an interesting hike.

          1. I would try a drive up to Charlevoix ( town La Malbaie ). Its about a 4.5 hour drive from Montreal via Quebec City. At Quebec City take a small detour to Isle d'Orleans a magical Island off QC. At the entrance to the Island at Montmorency Falls stop for lunch at Les Ancetres then while on the Island buy some strawberries the best in the province. Then off to La Malbaie stop along the way on the cheese route and sample some of the cheese producers wares,
            In Malbaie stop for the evening at the Manoir Richelieu a majestic Chateau type building built by the railroad at the turn of the century. Once established in La Malbaie you can take a boat out and see the Whales up close. There are two options a tour boat or a Zodiac. The Zodiac is the best. Then the next day rent a Kayak and travel up the escarpment a trip you will never forget. As far as food goes the hotel has great food in a regal dining room or La Pinsoniere a 4 star Relais et Chateau or maybe Bistro La Patriarche.
            This is superior to both the Laurentians or the Eastern Townships as it has everything a foodie could want and scenery that rivals the Rockies. Bon Voyage !

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              thanks, finefoodie55--we have actually been to quebec city and loved it; we also spent a day on the isle d'orleans--where we bought some amazing black currant salad dressing among other things--but it was really rainy--so i know we missed out a little and i would love to return. in quebec city, we went to a highly recommended creperie (i don't recall the name) and our server suggested a visit to charlevoix--it sounded lovely--and i have long wanted to go whale watching!!

              all of this being said, my tween was a bit bored in quebec city with all the eating and walking around and not much else to do (that i could find anyway--there were little things here and there for sure , but nothing like montreal or toronto--though again, my husband and i loved our trip there!) and aside from whale watching, i am not sure what else i could find for him to do--so a return to this area may have to wait until it's just me and the husband.....and i look forward to it!

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                @finefoodie55 You just gave me a flash.

                @brooklynsabra, if you leave Montreal, you might want to take a look at the different "cheese routes" in Quebec. A site has been made that highlight different producers in Quebec (see below). We have a vibrant cheesemaking community and visiting some of them might be great in a foodie roadtrip!


                We have a similar concept but for wines also. Our wines does not enjoy the same reputation as ontario but we are starting to make good headway. For the curious.


                Something much more typical to Quebec and much more fascinating to me are ciders and beers. We have a great reputation for those:


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                  Excellent suggestion. The Manoir Richelieu has a lot of nature trails, a casino (not so much for the tween), mini golf, tennis, horseback riding, a sport center...and incredible on site restaurants without even leaving the hotel. I think there's bike rental, too.

                  In Quebec City, there's the Aquarium and the Valcartier Village Vacances, with water slides, etc.