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Jul 7, 2014 03:19 PM

Interesting Indian in Flatiron area

Hello. It's me again. Everyone was so helpful the last time I posted. I am looking for a nice Indian place to take my mom for dinner for her 60th birthday in August. Price isn't really an object. We are staying in the Flatiron area but are willing to travel for good food. My mom is from India and a good cook so not looking for "traditional" Indian food more ambiance and an interesting menu. I have been seriously considering Devi but I have been reading mixed reviews. Junoon also caught by eye as did Tamarind. We are coming from the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks in advance!

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    1. Not sure if it's fancy enough for your purposes, but I really like Pippali, 129 East 27th between Park and Lex: It's not as large, formal, or pricey as Devi, Junoon, and Tamarind, but the menu is creative, the dishes are well prepared, and the space, though small, is pleasant. I've been there several times for dinner and lunch, and the food has always been excellent. By the way, it looks as if Tamarind's Flatiron location is currently closed, though the Tribeca location is open.

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        i second Pippali. Went with friends/co-workers from India. Food were good and authentic, nice presentation too. Service and decor both pleasant enough to take out of towner.

        Would also recommend Dhaba, on Lexington so not technically Flatiron but close enough. We went there for business dinner twice. pretty good.

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          That menu is not crazy-priced at all. What have you two particularly enjoyed there?

      2. I love Junoon. Tamarind is now located in Tribeca. The one on 22nd St. closed.

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            So many people agree with you! Thank you everyone for the helpful responses.

          2. Went to Junoon last week with someone from India who lives now in the U.S. It's his favorite Indian restaurant in the City and where he goes for family celebrations. The restaurant is really beautiful.

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