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Jul 7, 2014 03:11 PM

Completo...great addition for takeout in Leslieville

Walked by this place the other day on the way to another new addition to the 'hood (rock lobster...wednesday snow crab special for $13 is a great deal) and put it on my "to do" list. Scratched it off the list today as i'm a bachelor and wanted something quick and easy.

I find the area lacks good takeout options and I'm glad to say that Completo has improved things. I had the steak sandwich with an egg. I've been to Chile, but haven't had a complete so can't compare. But in my opinion, the flavours were solid. Steak was tender enough, there was a roasted jalapeƱo sauce that added some nice heat and a good amount of avocado. The bun was soft, but durable enough to last the five minute walk home. My only complaint was that the egg didn't have a runny yolk.

Hope they do better than the previous tenants, leonidas and le matin (which I loved for takeaway duck confit). They were sold out of the other sandwiches (chorizo and I forget the other), so that's a good sign.

Oh yeah, location is at the corner of Coady and Queen.

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  1. Since a completo is a hot dog, let's just say this isn't even close. But, hey, if it's good that's what matters. I had one in Santiago about 15 years ago. Fun.

    1. Yeah it's pretty delicious. Cute little patio too.

      1. any idea what the hours are?

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        1. re: edfs72

          no, sorry.

          incidentally i've had all three sandwiches now . they are really good. but I ate with one person who thought there was too much avocado (i love avocado so can't agree on that one). also, we both agreed that adding cheese didn't do much for the sandwich.

          empanadas are good. but i don't have much of a base of reference.

        2. Can't find a website. Anyone?

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