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Jul 7, 2014 02:28 PM

Zuwai Kani in Kyoto

I have read so much about this crab and really would like to try a tasting which includes it or even better is make only of zuwai kani dishes. Where i Kyoto would I go to try zuwai kani?

I know Kikunoi and Kitcho usually have it on their tasting menu during the winter time but at those restaurants I don't want to ask and probably would be rejected if I wanted to be served this only this for the entire tasting menu. At these restaurants I would want to try their normal tasting menu as it is great by itself. So I am looking for somewhere else a little less high end where they might be interested in dong a special request for a zuwai kani tasting.

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  1. How about Akasaka Kitafuku in Tokyo? One star and serves Suppon as well. Tablelog rated 4.21. They accept e-mail reservation.

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      My schedule in Tokyo is full. That is why I am looking for a spot in Kyoto.

    2. I would like to add that it is the Dazha Xie I am looking for of course. The special over 150g version of the Zuwai kani.

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        I thought Zuwai is Snow Crab. But Dazha Xie is fresh water crab from China.

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          Sorry, you are of course absolutely correct. I don't know why I mixed those two up. I knrew this.

          Zuwai Kani is also called snow crab or Tiza crab. It is a big sea water crab caught in Japan.

          Dazha Xie or Shanghai hairy crab is a small fresh water crab caught in China.

          I want to try them both on my trip to Japan. The Zuwai Kani at Wakuden Kodaiji in Kyoto and the Dazha Xie at Chugoku Hanten Fureika in Tokyo.

      2. This restaurant seems to specialise in Tiza/Zuwai kani/Snow crab when it is in season:
        Wakuden Kodaiji