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Jul 7, 2014 10:29 AM

Where in D.C. (or very close-in burbs) to buy rye bread?

Can anybody recommend a source of rye bread? Preferably seeded, and if they also have a marble rye, I will be thrilled.

I used to get a good (no-name) one from Snider's in Silver Spring, but haven't seen it there in a long time. Another no-name one I just purchased at Calvert-Woodley was way too salty.

I'm not ruling out a supermarket brand, as long as it has some density and chewiness -- as well as a pronounced rye flavor.

Is this an impossible dream in D.C.?

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  1. Heidelberg bakery in arlington has excellent ryes

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      eight or nine types, at least! see online list.

    2. Giant carries a brand from New York. It's usuallly on a shelf underneath the deli counter. They have a Russan Jewish Rye and a Marble Rye.

      Upper Crust Bakery at the Arlington Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings has an excellent rye (in fact everything they make is excellent) and not too expensive. Spring Mill Bakery at Mom's Organic Markets is very good and very expensive.

      1. Best rye I've had in the area, by a longshot, is from Brooklyn's Deli in Potomac. Absolutely perfect crust.

        1. i have not tried it yet, but will report when i dol….just saw a lovely, dense pump-rye blend at GIANT of all places -- right in front of the deli. i am anxious to make some reubens.

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            Giant always had a decent bakery. I like their Russian pumpernickle.

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              their bagels are quite good. they get them delivered frozen, thaw overnight, then bake in-store. only 69 cents.

              they used to have a delicious chocolate bread.

              i don't know if they still make it, but they had a good seeded baguette, too.

          2. Shalom Kosher Market in Kemp Mill Silver Spring has all of those