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Jul 7, 2014 09:58 AM

Great Porchetta Sandwich at Wheat and Sons (Anaheim Packing District)

Wheat & Sons Butcher/Rotisserie is the creation of Ashly Amador and Nate Overstreet. They offer locally sourced organic meats, rotisserie items, sandwiches, sausages and Charcuterie. They even had Bone Marrow Butter that I would have purchased if I had an ice pack. The service was very friendly and helpful. They are located at the newly opened Anaheim Packing District.
We tried the following:

Roasted Potatoes
This were some of the best roasted potatoes we have had. Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Reminded me of the ones from Roli Roti at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco, but even tastier.
Porchetta Sandwich
This was a perfect sandwich. The luscious porchetta was very tender and juicy, but a little fatty. The crackling added a great crunch and the pesto added flavor. The radishes gave it an unexpected surprise. The perfectly toasted Ciabatta bread was a big part of this wining combination. Easily one of my favorite sandwiches and at $10 a bargain.
Bratwurst on pretzel bread
This had a great porky flavor and went very well with the Caramelized Onions and Whole Grain Mustard. The Pretzel bread was toasted beautifully and even though I try to stay a way from white bread, I could not stop eating it.
We tried them again a few days ago and I asked them if I could have a Porchetta plate with some potatoes and they said yes. They even added roasted cauliflower and a little salad. My husband tried their rotisserie chicken and enjoyed it.
You can see the pictures at:

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  1. Yes, we have also had some great sandwiches and meat from Wheat & Sons. You described the great Porchetta sandwich and potatoes perfectly. In addition, the Bratwurst sandwich was also excellent -- the best I've ever had.

    In the meat department, I asked the butcher to cut some pork chops for dinner one night. He cut some boneless chops from a pork loin. Simply seasoned and broiled, they were absolutely delicious -- great texture, tasty, tender, with just the right amount of yummy fat. In conversation with him a few days later, he said the meat was Berkshire heritage pork locally sourced.

    We will be going back often!

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      I am glad you enjoyed it. I have to take a cooler with me next time and purchase some beef or pork. Their service is the best.

      1. I really enjoy the Packing District, but getting in/out is a mess.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          I know. Parking is a nightmare, but we always mange to find parking on the side streets.

          1. re: mrsjoujou

            The parking does suck. So did my porchetta sandwich at the place next door to the butcher.

            I guess I made the wrong choice.

          2. re: ipsedixit

            We were there on Friday night. They had valet service for $3. Totally worth it.
            Loved the porchetta, too!

            1. re: attran99

              The $3 valet is the best thing that happened.

              1. re: attran99

                I am glad you enjoyed it. We had the Suckling Pig Cubano last time and although it was good, we prefer the Porchetta.

            2. They ran out of the porchetta sandwich this past Sunday when I arrived around 4:30pm but I ordered 6 oysters and a charcutterie plate. The oysters were from Carlsbad Aquafarm. Nice briny medium to small sizes oysters served with a chorizo oil or smoked shallot mignoette. The shallot mignoette was better. Oysters were $2.50 each. The charcutterie plate was fantastic.
              - blue cheese
              - house made mortadella
              - fennel salami
              - serrano ham
              - 3 different pickled vegetables
              - 6 rounds of toasted brea
              - excellent grainy mustard

              Nicely laid out and everything on the plate was delicious either by itself or together with accoutrements. $15 for the plate and a nice appetizer.

              1. The porchetta sandwich at Wheat & Sons was fantastic. It's a different type of porchetta sandwich as the pork is cut much thinner than other versions. Still very moist with good balance of fat and crispy skin. Like mrsjoujou said it had a great porky flavor. It was a well made sandwich with quality ingredients. For $10 it is truly a great sandwich.

                My wife who does not like porchetta sandwiches loved this version. She said it was much more well balanced and less fatty. For the record she hates the version at Mozza, Eataly and Porchetta in NYC.