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new to north shore

Just moved from Montreal to North Vancouver. I was hoping for some local restaurant recomendations on the North Shore. There are so many small restos its hard to sort them all out.

Also some general tips, which sites are the most reliable (aside from chowhound of course) for YVR? (ie yelp seems much more popular out west)

Finally, I'm having a bit of withdrawal from french cuisine, is there anywhere to get good french bread, pastries? (tried Faubourg 'Paris' and was not impressed) . And what is with the lack of French wine? Seriously the local wine store carries more from Chile than it does from France!? Another west coast thing?

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  1. Welcome to Vancouver! I lived in North Van several years ago but used to head on over to West Van regularly for excellent French at La Regalade. I also liked La Cucina for Italian. Cazba is also good, cheap Persian eats.

    Good sites for YVR

    As for booze, hit a BC Liquor "Signature" store. I believe the closest one to you would be at Park Royal.

    1. I also enjoy Mangia e Bevi in West Vancouver. In North Van I like Cazba as noted by waylman, as well as Finch and Barley for middle eastern fusion pub food, Tamarind Hill for Malaysian, District for a beer and a snack, Pier 7 for a drink on the patio (food is only so-so). Thomas Haas down by the auto mall makes good pastries (closed Sunday Monday).

      1. Everything Wine is also in North Van. Huge store. 998 Marine Dr.

        Burgoo is great for Cheese Grillers with Sunset Corn & Chicken Chowder. 3 Lonsdale Ave.

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          It's been a while but we enjoyed Fishworks on Lonsdale when a group of us tried it. Not the best choice during this hot weather as they have no A/C but worth a look perhaps: http://www.fishworks.ca/

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            Love Burgoo. Their grilled cheese sammy, and their mac & cheese, are really really good, but as are all of their offerings. BUT prices have crept up in the last couple of years.

            Sherman offers a plethora of reviews for the North Shore:


          2. Just had a wonderful crab meat sandwich this afternoon at the Crab Shop. They are basically a fresh seafood store that also sells fish & chips and other prepared seafood items. Nothing fancy, but that crab meat sandwich was super fresh and very tasty.

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              Thanks for the tips guys, keep them coming!

              I'll check out those wine shops, and I'll be sure to also start trying some BC wine as well :)

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                Some of the Best F&C anywhere is to be found @ Lonsdale Quay


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                  Both places are good, though I found the Crab Shop's batter to be a little heavy on the seasoning salt for my tastes. In Sherman's review, he liked the aggressive seasoning, so, to each their own.

            2. Regarding French wines - nothing here to compare to SAQ Signature but the private wine stores offer a good alternative to the BC Liquor stores. I really like Marquis Wine on Davie - while not on the the north shore, they'll deliver (free at $200 plus). They often bring in lesser known products they've found on buying trips and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

              1. Welcome to the neighborhood !
                I'm addition to the other rec's:
                - Liberty wines at Park & Tilford have a decent selection.
                - Puccinis deli on Lonsdale for Italian meat, cheeses and other goods
                - Fresh St. Market in west van
                - Trattoria at Park Royal
                - Little District recently opened mid Lonsdale area. Haven't eaten there but had a drink. Nice addition to the area with a little patio in the back.
                - Matadors near the Quay has ok tapas. Nice option for drinks and snacks.
                - Greenleaf Brewery in the Quay. Grab some goods from the market and sit at the bar.
                - Hachi Hanna - Decent sushi on Lonsdale
                - Hanoi Bistro - tasty Vietnamese good for take out.
                - the Friday night market at the Quay have a good selection of food trucks.
                - I heard Tap and Barrel may be opening at the Shipyards so keep a watch for that. Not the best food but good beer selection.

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                  Just to clarify for those new to the North Shore, the Friday night market is actually at the Shhipyards Plaza, just to the east of the Lonsdale Quay.

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                    Shipyards night market ?? Hadn't heard of it, sounds intriguing. You have a link to the event, Scoffier ? :-)

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                        [blush] I need to get out more often ......

                2. There really isn't too much "good" food on the North Shore.

                  Thomas Haas
                  The sandwiches at Thomas Haas are actually just as delicious as all their other products. I've also liked their matcha latte the last few times we have been.

                  Savary Island
                  meat pies, sweet pies, soups, salads, breads, and sandwiches are delicious. The owner is from Bowen Island if I remember correctly. The food they make is very old school rustic - very hearty and soul satisfying. They are also a bit on the expensive side.

                  Hamaei in North Vancouver is actually quite a good option for sushi. I think they are about equivalent to Ajisai which is our favourite sushi place in Vancouver.

                  We also like Chef Hung for Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

                  I prefer Ava or Lonsdale Kabab over Cazba for Persian food.

                  Indian Fusion near 18th and Lonsdale was actually quite good but a bit on the salty side. They are quite busy and most of the customers were British the day we went. I don't know if that was a coincidence - the British do love their curries.

                  Cactus Club WV - We go here quite a bit actually.

                  Also to note:
                  We usually leave WV about 7pm (15 minutes from WV to DT at this time) and go to the Robson/Denman area. There are lots of good options over there

                  Guu with Garlic
                  Ma Dang Coul
                  Ramen Santouka
                  Banana Leaf

                  1. Checked out Everything Wine yesterday. Seemed like a nice spot. Certainly good enough selection of French. I don't need to get jeroneum bottles of Sauterens (really you get ripped off on any $$ wine purchase in Canada anywhere, will try and save those for vacations) a al SAQ Signature. I was just a bit worried when we went to the first few liquor stores and a couple of restaurants that had wines from 6+ countries but 0 from France.

                    Thanks again for all the tips, now i've got a list to try out next time I don't feel like cooking.

                    Anyone have any favorite bakeries (of any sort) on the North Shore, the Ace bakery bread from Loblaws just isn't cutting it!

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                      I like the Ciabatta from Artisan but haven't tried any since the sale/move


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                        Friendly people at Artisan, and conveniently right next to a tailor/dry cleaner I was recommended.

                        Nice wholesome bread, not really the artisanal French I was hoping for but I think its time to give up on that I suppose

                        Thomas Haas was pretty good, really good Viennoiserie. sadly he doesn't make eclairs, so I may have to give up on that temporarily as well, oh well

                        On a second visit to Everything Wine I realized that they are sorely lacking in Burgundy reds (not bad for Rhone or Bordeaux though?) ; but I found out Marquis has a good selection of French and delivers so I'll have to give them a try.

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                          If you haven't yet, do sign up for Marquis email list - that's the best way to keep up on new and expected shipments, futures, deals, etc.

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                        You can get excellent Terra Bread loaves from many of the grocery stores. My favourites are green olive as well as the fig anise.

                        Thomas Haas as mentioned
                        Temper in West Van

                        Bene Sushi
                        The Olive and the Anchor in Horseshoe Bay
                        The Truffle Haus

                        Welcome to the West Coast!

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                          "Welcome to the Wet Coast!"

                          Fixed it for ya ;-)

                      3. Gusto di Quattro

                        Mooyah Burgers & Fries

                        Anatoli Souvlaki

                        Cinco de Mayo

                        The Meatery

                        Jagerhof Schnitzel Haus


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                          Must demur on Anatoli -- it was bad and wicked overpriced last time we went, so unless there's been a serious uptick...

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                            Thanks for that update, GE. Maybe I'll refrain from future revisits !

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                              I enjoy Mythos and Pasparos in North Van. Mythos is a bit more casual.

                          2. Hi-

                            We're recent arrivals to the North Shore too, tho we've been trying things since April.

                            We just had a lovely meal at Bravo Cucina on Lonsdale. It's a small, quiet, comfortable room. The prices are moderate. The veggies were prepared and served with care and I had a really wonderful piece of salmon.

                            Next door is the Portly Chef. Haven't tried that yet but we plan to.

                            Canyon in Edgemont Village is really lovely. Again, a very small room but food thoughtfully and deliciously prepared. I didn't get the check but I think that was also moderately priced. Whatever. I look forward to going again. Lunch & dinner.

                            I am told (but I haven't tried it) that some of the best sushi in YVR is in that little neighborhood mall at Westview and the Upper Level where the Safeway is. I plan to check it out sometime this week.

                            We're close to Horseshoe Bay so I'm not sure the places we frequent will be right for you. We like them but they might or might not be worth a drive. Anyway here goes.

                            The Beach House on the water at Ambleside is very pleasant. The food is nice -- not outstanding but nice. The prices are a little high but it's got a great view and pleasant ambiance and we always enjoy ourselves. They make a sort of lobster roll from a variety of local seafood and it's fun. Haven't seen that anywhere else up here.

                            On the informal and cheap side I don't think you can beat Trolls in the village at Horseshoe Bay. It's a coffeehouse. But they make really good fish & chips, have a window overlooking the park and ferry comings and goings and the staff are friendly and welcoming. It's one of our go-to places but then we're only up the hill. I also love their fish pie for serious comfort food.

                            Next to Trolls is Anchor and Olive (or something like that). Moderate prices. The room is utilitarian comfy and busy. The staff are friendly. The oysters are great. So are the fish & chips (they're probably my husband's favs).

                            For more formal and pricier dining there's the Salmon House. Fabulous view. Nice ambiance. Good food.

                            At the top of Grouse is The Observatory. This is really pricey and the food is haute but well done. The real reason to go there, of course, is the spectacular ride up in the gondola and the gorgeous sunsets over the entire harbor and westward view. Even so, for special occasions and entertaining out of town guests, it hits all the marks.

                            Hope there's something there you'll enjoy and I hope you'll share what you find that you like. I look forward to learning about more.

                            1. Forgot about the tiny bakery Flour in the village at Horseshoe Bay. I haven't tried her baguettes but her smaller items like cookies are very clearly made from real butter and eggs!!!

                              I also got a fig and walnut whole meal bread from her at the Thurs afternoon farmers market at the quayside. It was brilliant!

                              BTW, at that Thurs market there's a woman from the island who brings her preserves. I've tried her lemon curd and it's lovely. There's also a woman who does hand dipped chocolates. I didn't try them but my friend was very happy with the ones she got.

                              This is the only farmers market I've seen since I've been back to YVR. I'm delighted to see it since there's been such *serious* deterioration to the public markets in the last decade! I guess it's trade off for so many more grocery stores with more ambitious offerings and presentations but it's still sad since I have such vibrant memories of the public markets on Robson, Lonsdale and Granville from the 70s and 80s...