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Jul 7, 2014 07:54 AM

new to north shore

Just moved from Montreal to North Vancouver. I was hoping for some local restaurant recomendations on the North Shore. There are so many small restos its hard to sort them all out.

Also some general tips, which sites are the most reliable (aside from chowhound of course) for YVR? (ie yelp seems much more popular out west)

Finally, I'm having a bit of withdrawal from french cuisine, is there anywhere to get good french bread, pastries? (tried Faubourg 'Paris' and was not impressed) . And what is with the lack of French wine? Seriously the local wine store carries more from Chile than it does from France!? Another west coast thing?

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  1. Welcome to Vancouver! I lived in North Van several years ago but used to head on over to West Van regularly for excellent French at La Regalade. I also liked La Cucina for Italian. Cazba is also good, cheap Persian eats.

    Good sites for YVR

    As for booze, hit a BC Liquor "Signature" store. I believe the closest one to you would be at Park Royal.

    1. I also enjoy Mangia e Bevi in West Vancouver. In North Van I like Cazba as noted by waylman, as well as Finch and Barley for middle eastern fusion pub food, Tamarind Hill for Malaysian, District for a beer and a snack, Pier 7 for a drink on the patio (food is only so-so). Thomas Haas down by the auto mall makes good pastries (closed Sunday Monday).

      1. Everything Wine is also in North Van. Huge store. 998 Marine Dr.

        Burgoo is great for Cheese Grillers with Sunset Corn & Chicken Chowder. 3 Lonsdale Ave.

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          It's been a while but we enjoyed Fishworks on Lonsdale when a group of us tried it. Not the best choice during this hot weather as they have no A/C but worth a look perhaps:

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            Love Burgoo. Their grilled cheese sammy, and their mac & cheese, are really really good, but as are all of their offerings. BUT prices have crept up in the last couple of years.

            Sherman offers a plethora of reviews for the North Shore:


          2. Just had a wonderful crab meat sandwich this afternoon at the Crab Shop. They are basically a fresh seafood store that also sells fish & chips and other prepared seafood items. Nothing fancy, but that crab meat sandwich was super fresh and very tasty.

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              Thanks for the tips guys, keep them coming!

              I'll check out those wine shops, and I'll be sure to also start trying some BC wine as well :)

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                Some of the Best F&C anywhere is to be found @ Lonsdale Quay


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                  Both places are good, though I found the Crab Shop's batter to be a little heavy on the seasoning salt for my tastes. In Sherman's review, he liked the aggressive seasoning, so, to each their own.

            2. Regarding French wines - nothing here to compare to SAQ Signature but the private wine stores offer a good alternative to the BC Liquor stores. I really like Marquis Wine on Davie - while not on the the north shore, they'll deliver (free at $200 plus). They often bring in lesser known products they've found on buying trips and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable.