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Jul 7, 2014 07:16 AM

Raku vs Yusho

I can only do one. Please help decide.

Raku seems to have the edge on word of mouth. Seems more traditional.

Yusho seems a bit more "creative". And it's close to our hotel for convenience.

Have never done either before.

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  1. Only been to Yusho 3x and raku prob 50+ to be fair, but not even close - Raku. Yusho has a great word of mouth with many posters here I respect, but I personally don't understand the hype. And that's just the food, it may be one of the worst build out and lighting combos in town. If I wee visiting the cab ride is more than worth the raku experience, of course depending on where you reside full time.

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    1. re: palmdoc1

      We are from out of town.
      Thanks. We were leaning Raku and it seems like that's the right thing to do.

      I'm curious when the best time to visit is.
      I hear not too late because the specials may be gone.
      But not too early because service may not have "warmed up"

      Is there a sweet spot?

      Finally, do I need a res at sweets raku after for dessert?

      1. re: Heeney

        You can generally walk in at Sweets Raku provided it isn't between 7-9.
        From what I've been told, the best time at Raku is around 6:30 or 7:00 provided you can get the reservation.

        1. re: uhockey

          Great. I have one for 7 so sounds like I am all set.

    2. Both are good, but if I had to choose one it'd be Raku. I like Yusho and Chef Merges a lot, but Raku is truly a 'destination' in Vegas.

        1. Thanks for the feedback. Any info on when is the best time to go (see my comment from earlier)?

          1. Raku is a revelatory experience. Just go. And, definitely have dessert at Raku Sweets.

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            1. re: 5GBoyee

              I've seen your description of Raku as "revelatory" in a couple of places. We're headed to Vegas in a couple of months and Raku in on the short list. Can you elaborate on what's "revelatory" about it? Do you get the tasting menu or order for yourself off the menu? Any recommendations for particular dishes?

              1. re: ahoskins

                I use the word ‘revelatory’ in rare instances when a dining experience causes me to think differently about food or the experience of dining. At Raku, they have the ability to present a food in its purest form. At times, it feels as if there is no better representation of an ingredient than on one of Raku’s plates. Case in point: their agedashi tofu – made in-house, sitting in a beautiful broth with tender mushrooms, is the best I have ever had and will have you rethinking how tofu can taste. In addition, the combination of artful presentation and steady stream of unusual plates, bowls and pottery, will have you eagerly awaiting every dish. It’s an evening of discovery and pleasure that rarely occurs when dining out. I’ve been there four times and will be going for a 5th time this September. I’ve brought foodie friends there – all of whom have been blown away. The experience continues at Sweets Raku. Once you experience the dessert tasting menu, you’ll pass on desserts elsewhere – the subtlety, complexity and whimsy that Chef Mio demonstrates (definitely sit at the bar to see her in action) will make you smile and rethink how satisfying dessert can be.

                In addition, the warmth and friendliness of all of Raku's staff is, for me, part of the experience. Chef Mio once demonstrated for my wife and I how she makes a spun-candy apple. She stopped what she was doing and took the time to create it for us and then gave it to us as a gift. I don't know her - she just decided to do it. How often does that happen anywhere?

                Other faves: ohitashi, sunomono salad, their asparagus (trust me – order it), their eggplant, and, most of all – anything on the daily specials board. I do not get the tasting menu as I always love what they have as daily specials. Enjoy and thanks for asking!