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"Back" button, still not working right.

There was a thread on this previously, but has it ever been fixed? I sometimes have to click on the "back" button three or more times to return to the previous page. Only happens on CH.

FF, current version; W7.

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  1. It's twice for me, but only after I post. Win 7 latest Chrome.

    1. Hi Steve Green and MplsM ary. We're still looking into this bug.

      1. ALSO, when you are 100 threads down a Board list and read a thread, then use the Back Button, aren't you supposed to be returned so thread #101 is at the top of the screen?

        1. Mine goes back whenever I ask it to, but the page I go back to takes its time refreshing itself each time, which makes CH slower than the two other sites I read. I wonder if it's a Flash thing. Using CH reminds me of Macy's website, which always forces me to "stop script now."

          1. Thanks for the hint on how to get around this failure. I use Opera w/Win7 and thought the problem was an Opera quirk. I've been re-navigating to my starting point (my profile or Board's list of recent discussions) each time. Pressing back button multiple times is still faster than that.

            1. Back button is sporadic--sometimes need to click twice, other times I could like 99 times and it still doesn't work. Using Chrome.

              1. I'm having the same problem. is CH working on a fix?

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                1. re: zackly

                  Because it's an inconsistent issue (i.e., we can't always reproduce it on our end), it's more difficult to troubleshoot, but we are looking into it.

                2. Still no fix. It's been months now. Getting a bit old, to have to click the back button sometimes five times or more. Clearly a low priority.

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                  1. re: Steve Green

                    In fairness to the Chow staff, I don't believe it's a question of priority. Intermittent technical problems are the hardest ones to nail down - and you have to nail them down first to find out what's causing them before you can fix them.

                    DeborahL said as much upthread.

                    1. re: Steve Green

                      As mcsheridan mentioned, this is something we're aware of and continuing to look into. You might check if you have any browser extensions running, like Adblock or Ghostery, which have been known to interfere with site functionality.

                      1. re: DeborahL

                        Still happening, using Chrome and no extensions. Usually have to click twice, sometimes up to 5 times.

                        1. re: DeborahL

                          No browser extensions here. I know you're aware of it, and I understand that intermittent problems can be difficult to correct. Still, considering the amount of time this bug has been around (first reported in early June, I believe), I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed yet.

                          1. re: Steve Green

                            I don't ever encounter this problem, but it's because I don't ever use the back button here on CHOW. If you're open to navigating via opening a new tab for each thread you read (that's what I do) it might alleviate the frustration for now.

                            1. re: Chris VR

                              That would be OK, except that sometimes threads don't grey out to indicate they've been read. But sometimes they do. Yet another inconsistency.

                            2. re: Steve Green

                              It's not something they want to fix because it's giving them 2-3 times the pageviews when the page automatically reloads.

                          2. re: Steve Green

                            Agree - this is super obnoxious for me, and is an issue more often than not. I typically have to click multiple times.

                            I'm using firefox, and don't have any add-ons like adblock or the like running.

                          3. On my phone I sometimes have to click back up to three times for it to actually work. This only happens with chowhound...

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                            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                              Same here, on both phone and tablet (both Android, both Chrome, no ad blocking.) It's really annoying.