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Jul 7, 2014 06:37 AM

"Back" button, still not working right.

There was a thread on this previously, but has it ever been fixed? I sometimes have to click on the "back" button three or more times to return to the previous page. Only happens on CH.

FF, current version; W7.

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  1. It's twice for me, but only after I post. Win 7 latest Chrome.

    1. Hi Steve Green and MplsM ary. We're still looking into this bug.

      1. ALSO, when you are 100 threads down a Board list and read a thread, then use the Back Button, aren't you supposed to be returned so thread #101 is at the top of the screen?

        1. Mine goes back whenever I ask it to, but the page I go back to takes its time refreshing itself each time, which makes CH slower than the two other sites I read. I wonder if it's a Flash thing. Using CH reminds me of Macy's website, which always forces me to "stop script now."

          1. Thanks for the hint on how to get around this failure. I use Opera w/Win7 and thought the problem was an Opera quirk. I've been re-navigating to my starting point (my profile or Board's list of recent discussions) each time. Pressing back button multiple times is still faster than that.