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Jul 6, 2014 11:01 PM

weekday lunch options near adelaide and brant?

i just started a new job and am exploring vegetarian-friendly lunch options around adelaide and brant (in between spadina and bathurst). i know of the options on queen and on spadina, as well as sadie's and la merceria on adelaide, but am unfamiliar with food options on other streets. any suggestions of good places to dine within the hour?

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  1. The Roastery Cafe at 401 Richmond has salad, veggie sandwiches and great coffees for a quick lunch.
    Strong, reliable wifi and you can take your lunch to the rooftop garden or the nice courtyard if the weather is nice

    Superfoods (behind TIFF) is a basement takeout place for super duper healthy salads. Price is about the same as Fresh, but they rotate their menus.

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      Basement? Isnt superfoods on the 2nd floor? Or is there another place that does juices/etc on the 2nd floor on Adelaide?

      1. re: ylsf

        Superfoods is definitely 2nd floor, I was just there a week or two ago.

        1. re: ggom1

          Yes you are right my mistake! I was thinking of the burrito place near by.

    2. Cibo Wine Bar, and I can't say for sure, but Home of the Brave might have a veggie option. You should check the menu.

      1. Portland Variety is another option. I think Bar Buca also has vegetarian items on their menu.

        1. Not cheap but fresh and solid options at Zoe on King St.

          1. Bit more of a walk but I've had good luck ordering take-out from Khao San Road - I call over before I leave from Bay and Adelaide, wait 5-10 minutes before walking over, and it's always ready when I arrive. Burrito Boys also allows you to pre-order (their website lists all the options) which speeds things up a bit. I have not tried this with Ravisoups also in that vicinity.