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Jul 6, 2014 10:38 PM

Reserving Vegetarian/vegan meal for flight?

Has anyone reserved a veg. meal for a flight? Was it edible? Or did you regret making the reservation? --Was/is it always pasta?

I ask because I am flying on an international flight that includes meals. I want to know if people have had a 'good' (at least edible, I don't expect greatness) meal for the vegetarian/vegan options.. or if I should just plan to bring my own dinner. I also don't like any pasta dishes.. so that is why I figured I would ask if it typically is pasta.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. it depends on the airline. i rarely have gotten pasta, i think.

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        Thanks--yes! I looked through those.. they are entertaining, aren't they? They endorsed my decision to ask the question because they seem to--at times--be questionable.

      2. No standard answer. Depending on airline, city pairs, time of day, length of flight you may not be able to order a special meal. If you need to eat and have dietary restrictions, always bring your own.

        1. I just returned from Italy via American Airlines. My four meals consisted of a mild lentil curry with vegetables; couscous with eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes; and two variations of a tex-men veg, rice and beans, one moderately spiced, one mild. All were served with fresh cut fruit and bread. Main meal included salad and cookies. They were actually quite edible, not dry and flavorless. You also get served first!

          1. GraceW, as others have said, it depends on the airline, length of flight, destination and class of service. I have had good/very good and inedible so I can't be of much help. Back in the olden days (!) ordering a 'special meal' was almost guaranteed to be a better choice than whatever else was being served. For that reason, I have ordered the whole gamut - from halal to kosher to vegetarian and others which escape my memory. Nothing sticks out as 'fabulous' in the special meal category. Best food I've ever had was First Class British Air, NY - London. I didn't want to get off the plane, but that is another post.

            Edit: I don't recall the vegetarian meals as being pasta-heavy. You might think about bringing some foods that you enjoy just to hedge your bets.

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              I've also had incredibly good veg meals on BA first class. I've had absolutely dismal ones on Ryan Air. As others have pointed out, which airline you fly can make a world of difference.