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Jul 6, 2014 10:32 PM

Non-casino restaurant suggestions for a party, about 20-30 people with kids

Hi gang,

Suggestions requested: a friend of mine is having a 50th birthday party in Vegas. He wants to host a party at a restaurant, maybe Mexican or something else festive and interesting. His budget is around $30 per person all in. Something family-friendly and not a chain, maybe with an outside patio and/or a private area, doesn't need to be in a casino but within a 15 minute or so cab ride from the south strip. We are open to a variety of ideas and cuisines.

Thanks people.


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      1. Talk to the folks at Lindo Michoacan....go to their website....see if they can help

        1. Unless the patio has misters, you may want to reconsider outdoor dining depending on the time of the year. Right now we are in monsoon season with high humidity with temperatures in the triple digits. Shish Kabob House on West Flamingo does a lot of large group dining. The prices are what your friend is looking for. They can also serve the food family style if you want. They have a separate area for large groups. There is also an excellent bakery next door called Manan Bakery.
          About twenty minutes west of the west end of the Strip is Juan's Flaming Fajitas and Cantina.

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            thanks, these sound appropriate. the party won't be until November. If anything, it will be too cold to be outside, but if we get lucky with the weather, it would be nice to have drinks on a patio if there is one.

            If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to share. We have plenty of time before this has to be nailed down and welcome a variety of options to choose from.

          2. The original comment has been removed