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Jul 6, 2014 10:30 PM

Pocket Bar -- Cute little bar in Hell's Kitchen

Tonight I stumbled into the Pocket Bar, a cute new little, well, pocket of a bar at 455 48th Street (just east of 10th Avenue).

There is no food, although you could probably bring your own (it's that kind of place). And just a few wines and beer on tap and sangria.

The real charm is the decor (even though it's new, it looks like it has been there forever and there are killer light fixtures designed by a Broadway set designer) and the proprietor/bartender Suzy, a former Rockette. A lot of theatre people hang out there and tonight we met a Broadway actor who has been in 20 plays. Lots of fascinating talk about theatre.

With the increasing corporatization of NYC, it was so refreshing to find just a small neighborhood hangout.

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  1. Any recent visits??
    I'm meeting a friend at their hotel 44th and 10th ave and think we will investigate...!
    (Plan B is probably the press lounge roofbar unless there's a better nearby second choice..?)

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    1. re: Ttrockwood

      Make sure press lounge isnt closed for private party (calendar on their site)

      The Cannibal? (mostly beer)