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Jul 6, 2014 08:36 PM

Detroit Breakfasts - Eastern Market

Most Saturday mornings I go to yoga in midtown at the crack of dawn and hit up Eastern Market for shopping and breakfast.

Last week I finally tried Vivio's and enjoyed myself, The service was great, but I wasn't crazy about it overall. Maybe I ordered wrong. I got the special, lobster omelette, which was just okay, My hash browns were way undercooked.

Apparently this is where breakfast drinkers go. Wahoo!! My people.
Never saw so many wine/shot glasses with eggs or pancakes in my life before 10:00 a.m. Not wanting to be left out, my table got a round of Bloody Marys. Two of us got a side of bacon in the drink, one plain. My husband felt they were "toned down, which is probably a good thing at breakfast". I felt my bacon-free drink was pretty bland and lacking spice and the acid I expect of tomato juice.

Even though we were stuffed, we stopped at the beignet food truck on the way to our car. Awesome. I wish they'd drive by my house like the ice cream man. They'd make a fortune

I love Russell Street and have been dozens and dozens of times and would go every day if the wait wasn't so long. My husband isn't thrilled with the communal dining, which I love, but the quiche of the day keeps him coming.

When we couldn't get in to Russell Street on Memorial Day weekend due to the insane line, we ventured into Corktown and had a wonderful breakfast at Brooklyn Street Local. Sat on the patio in the sun and got a delicious breakfast salad and the best, lightest, airiest lemon scones.

Venturing out of my normal routine and discovering Brooklyn Street Local made me wonder what Detroit breakfast gems I'm missing.

What do you recommendation?

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  1. A few weeks ago we had Mexican breakfast at Los Galanes, pretty good if that's what you have a hankering for. And a tequila sunrise!

    At Eastern Market, Farmer's Restaurant makes a tasty corned beef hash, and one plate is enough for two.

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      Breakfast at Los Galanes, I had no idea! Thank you.

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        I looked at a picture of the CBH at Farmer's Restaurant on Yawn...doesn't look very good to me, honestly. Absolutely no green peppers, *barely* any (at all?) onions...just corned beef, potatoes, and eggs. That's hardly hash, to me. Is that a consistent picture with what you've had? Or is the picture incorrect (possibly the order was modified by the person who didn't want those ingredients...)?

        I'm honestly curious.

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          Lots of onions and good corned beef, I think there were peppers. It was pretty tasty. It wouldn't surprise me, though, if results varied based on who was cooking

      2. Have you checked out this topic?

        Breakfast near Cobo Center Detroit -

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          Just read that link. Thank you. I'll try Hudson Cafe soon.

          I wish Mudgie's would open before 11:00 on Saturdays.

        2. Our Favorite on the way to Eastern Market has aways been the Super Breakfast at the Classic 60 years old Hygrade Deli on Michigan ave in West Side Corktown plaiting up super special that put a smile on all our faces. The owner Stu grew up in the place and Linda the Famous waitress has to be the friendliest in the city. I get the Pastrami n eggs, wife get the Famous Reuben on Rye always a hit. Michigan n W Grand Blvd one block east.