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Jul 6, 2014 08:26 PM

bayside bay terrace whitestone

What is good these days, takeout, sit down ..any good food markets?..must be clean..over in this area often all summer..passed many places on bell, new Indian...thanks for any sure bets..know about utopiabagels, med Greek on willets, Paris Asian bakery on northern, is the fish Market blue water on bell?

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  1. Cafe Rustico 7th ave. and 149th street in Whitestone.
    Store front pizza basic Italian food,. They do a huge delivery take out. Dine in very un-assuming.
    After wards go next to Cascon Bake shop nd bring home some cheesecake!

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    1. re: PHREDDY

      I had the rainbow cookies with cannoli cream this weekend. Highly recommended.

      1. re: wolmania

        I had a hunk of their blueberry cheese cake at a barbecue on Saturday...I had to double up on my cholesterol meds!

    2. I had a good dinner at Thai 101 on Bell recently. I do Avli for Greek takeout. Never been to Blue Water. The new Indian place on Bell has a promising menu and I plan on going in the next few weeks. Durso's is my favorite Italian market.

      1. Have not been to Blue Water but H-Mart on Francis Lewis has a decent and clean fish section. Also, there are lots of good Korean restaurants in the neighborhood. I don't have a particular favorite so I'll let other people chime in with their favorites.

        In Whitestone, I like Villagio for Italian. In Bayside, Fino for wine/tapas and BKNY for Thai.

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        1. re: Robotron

          thanks for the suggestions, read scathing reviews for thai 101, i find med grill much better than avli, don't really care for durso's thought it was very overpriced and quality wasn't anything special that I couldn't get elsewhere..years ago i tried the cheesecake place, didn't like it as much as miss grimble in the bronx, and I find malverne bakery out in long island to be tops for so many things that I save my calories for check out kmart, and I've never had the chance to get over to bkny, i always found that it looks so depressing from the outside..and I'm often not on that side...i couldn't find the indian menu online..

          1. re: janie

            Fino and BKNY are definitely two of the best restaurants in the area. Cana for Korean too, family style. I'm hoping a fellow Chowhounder can break down all of these other Korean joints that keep opening on Northern in Bayside but so far no luck.

            I didn't mention Med Grill because it sounded like you were looking for more moderately priced options.

            1. re: janie

              There are 2 Indian restaurants in Bayside close to each other. One is spanking new (Masala Box: and the other's been there for 2+ years (Agra:

              I've only been to Agra once and found the food and service to be very good.

              For empty calories, I prefer to go to Cannelle Patisserie in Jackson Heights. If I don't want to brave traffic, I'll hit Two Bites Bake Shop in Fresh Meadows.

              1. re: Robotron

                I have become a frequent movie goer at the Fresh Meadows theatre as my kids love the leather lazy boy seats and I love the ease of internet purchase of a designate seat, so I have been on the look out for good local chow. The Two Bites Bakery sounds great. Thanks.

                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  Give Mian a shot. Decent, if not great, noodle specialist. They took over the space vacated by Deli Masters.

              2. re: janie

                Given the nice suggestions by fellow CHder's it seems you might have asked this question before...
                Why don't you tell us all the places you have been to and don't like, so that we might accurately provide you with recommendations?

            2. A little to the east, we enjoyed the Peruvian rotisserie chicken and paella at Lima 33 in Little Neck on a recent visit.

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              1. re: EM23

                I've been meaning to get there. How does it compare to Pio Pio?

                1. re: wolmania

                  I've been to Lima 33 twice. They always start you off with some addictive fried yucca along with a mustard based hot sauce. The sauce is good but Pio Pio's green sauce is better.

                  First time, we got the chicken combo. A lot of food and everything was great. Compared to Pio Pio, I thought the chicken was a little bigger and a little less seasoned (that's good or bad, depends on your salt tolerance).

                  Second time, got the chicken combo again along with the ceviche. Decent rendition for the ceviche. The chicken this time was slightly overcooked, but still delicious.

                  Service was attentive and friendly.