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Jul 6, 2014 08:07 PM

Paris- Near Eiffel Tower for 8 days in October- where do locals eat?

Three sisters are renting an apartment near the Eiffel Tower for a week+ in October. Very interested to find the small casual places locals recommend.

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  1. Le Concert de la Cuisine, Cafe Constant, Les Cocottes de Christian Constant, Casse-noix but we're a long way from October and the fall openings.

    1. Depends on which Eiffel Tower area you're in, but I work in the 15th not far from the ET, and here's a thread that lists many of the places I now frequent:

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        To have a bigger choice of places where the locals go, one ha to get out of the tourist areas and go to the locals' arrondissements.

      2. Another plea for more geographic precision. Given the exaggerations of hoteliers and the tourist industry, "near the Eiffel Tower" might turn out to be not very close.

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          Very true - I always remember helping two English tourists at the Gare Montparnasse, who had a cheap airline package. Their hotel was advertised as being close to central Paris, but that was only correct if you took the Periphique to circle "central Paris" which I suppose it does on a macro scale, as their accommodation was in the uncharted territory beyond the road.