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Jul 6, 2014 05:10 PM

Good food in Pioneer Square for a group

Going to the Sounders v. Timbers game next Sunday and looking for a place to serve a group of 15 for my husband's birthday. I booked Ma'Ono but am concerned about making the game without running around like dopes. Dim sum with cocktails would be awesome, but up for anything.

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  1. If you take the C Line from West Seattle and walk from Columbia Street to the stadiums you should be fine so long as you've given yourself a reasonable amount of time.

    Fifteen is a lot of folks for most places in Pioneer Square. More upscale options include Delicatus and Bar Sajor. I think the Bar Sajor guy (name escapes me at the moment) also has some sort of wine bar or something directly across Occidental that also serves food and often seems pretty empty.

    Dim Sum somehow isn't a Seattle strength, but it seems most people prefer Jade Garden. Think they have beer, not sure about cocktails. A zoo early, but sometimes quiet toward the end of dim sum service (4 pm, I think).

    1. You might consider Il Terrazzo Carmine for a large birthday dinner. They do a very nice white-tablecloth Italian, with excellent service and very good food, and they have the space to accommodate a large party.

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      1. For Dim Sum with cocktails, consider O'Asian. It's in an office tower downtown (5th & Columbia) with free parking on the weekends. They serve decent dim sum, and have a bar. They have a couple of private rooms, larger tables and a lounge area they sometimes use for larger parties.

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          I second the recommendation for O'Asian. Ignore the stupid name, its dim sum is as good, if not better than, most in Seattle.