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Jul 6, 2014 04:57 PM

NYC to Portland, ME

Looking for some choice seafood eats on our way from New York City to Portland Maine for the weekend . . . so far considering Petey's or The Beach Plum, but open to more local off beat suggestions - looking for fresh seafood and/or lobster rolls. Thanks so much

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  1. I was a bit disappointed by my lobster roll at Petey's in Rye, and so next time I'm in that area I'll be trying Rye Lobster Pound. The idea of butter poached lobster appeals. :)

    1. Petey's remains our favorite because my husband doesn't want to try anyplace else. They are very busy so go when you think it might be an off time. I don't think you can beat Bite Into Maine food truck for 5 different kinds of lobster rolls for location. Bring some bag chairs, pick a spot looking out onto Casco Bay. They also sell Maine Roots soda which is very good. The food truck parks in Fort Williams Park in South Portland. Get good directions, beautiful place with Portland Light.

      1. The Beach Plum's lobster rolls had more shredded meat...rather than chunks...than we care for, and at that price point, it means a lot. We'd second the Rye Lobster Pound idea, but Petey's is good for seafood, etc, too.
        Are you driving in or flying, then driving? Which route?

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          I'm driving, not sure yet of the route - was going to ask google maps that day :) Thanks for the shredded/chunks tip!

        2. Consider a surf & turf approach: Plenty of great seafood IN Portland, but on the way there from NYC, I would hit BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge for some killer, real-deal barbecue .

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            I 2nd this. I just don't get looking for seafood on the way to some great (and probably better) seafood. BT's is legit, it's about 3 minutes off the highway and you can look at the menu online, call in your order, then eat at the picnic benches outside. Back on the road in a flash. Sounds like I've done this before. Best part is that it's pretty much the half way point in your drive.

            1. re: bobbert

              Double-ditto on BT's in Sturbridge. I have yet to find BBQ in New England any better. If passing anywhere nearby, it is a MUST for real BBQ lovers. Get the brisket Ruben if you are at a loss as to what to order.

              My only complaint, and it's a tiny one with BT's, is their hushpuppies --- they aren't Southern-style -- they are sweet, just like "yankee" "cornbread," which is a yuk for me.

              1. re: Dave B

                Inorite? I grew up in the midwest, not the south, yet even *I* know that hushpuppies are supposed to be SAVORY. Stop waving that onion over the top and mince it up into the batter! I like adding some chipoltle powder (I know, not authentic), still I make awesome hushpuppies. :)

          2. We drive from CT to Portland, ME every year. On our route, we usually stop at Markey's in Seabrook, NH (430 Rt 286) for steamers and lobsters. There's a nearly identical place across the street, just as good. they're real clam shacks -- no tablecloth, no waitresses, no bussing tables. Just great clams, oysters and lobsters.

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              The place across the street is Brown's.