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Jul 6, 2014 04:54 PM

Serious Pie and Biscuits - Serious Questions

I was looking forward to it.
Thrillist Seattle says this is the # 1 pizza place and the #1 pizza was with clams, lemon thyme etc.
So I ordered.
And then tried to get comfortable on the odd height chairs around the odd height table.
The table - chair combo seems to be built for lumberjacks over 6'6" tall.
I felt like a little kid at the adults table.
Well, the great pizza should make up for it...
Looked like it had been sitting around and tasted like salt, spice and oil.
Very disappointed - I was really looking forward to it.
Service was great.
Anyone else wondering about that table?
Or that pizza?
Feel free to weigh in on Thrillist as well as this was my first time going by their recommendation

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  1. Sometimes, buzz is just buzz. You try Bambino's?

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Had the potato pizza from Serious Pie years ago and it was great...I was expecting the same WoW factor.
      Oh well, Thanks for the Bambinos ref, I'll check it out.

      1. re: kaleokahu

        Tried it late one night. Yum. Thanks.

        1. re: JayDK

          Hi, Jay:

          You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it. Bambino's usually does really well in the beer department, too.


      2. We really like the chanterelle pizza at Serious Pie, otherwise it's OK. Decent wood-fired thin crust, but so many places in so many towns have popped up in the last 10 years that I wouldn't really say it stands out from the pack. If we're looking for happy hour before doing something else like Cinerama in Belltown it's on our list. Never a destination, though.

        1. The wild mushroom pizza is my favorite pizza...ever. Especially when they have hen of the woods mushrooms.I don't care for seafood on my pizza.

          The crust is what sets Serious Pie apart from all the other good pizza around ( and there is a lot of good pizza around). It is noticeably different. If you don't care much for that particular crust, or think of the crust as more of a vehicle for toppings.... then you might not find it so fabulous. Different strokes. I have the exact same woodfire oven as they do, use the same wood, I import my flour...and I can't get the same hydration level and crust texture as they do.

          I am tall so I have never considered the seating an issue. Although, I really would prefer individual tables.

          1. I was recommended the clam pizza by an employee there and I did not like it. This was two years ago but I remember it being salty. I do enjoy their sausage pizza and have had that 6 or 7 times. I'm a big fan of Serious Pie, you may want to give it another go.Its been a while since I've been there but I recall always having good wine, regardless of price.

            1. i don't like the clam pizza. i like their margherita and their sausage pizzas, in that order.