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Jul 6, 2014 04:00 PM

La Boulange

Seeing a line out the door kept me away on their opening day, but the 4th of July weekend seemed like a good time to try it

Here's the deal: You can sit at the counter (about 12 seats) and it's full service, or you can stand in line and order at the cash register and then they'll bring the food to your table.

Like Starbucks, they have a table in the middle of the restaurant with all the condiments like Sriracha, Tabasco etc. and milk, sugar, etc for coffee. Even if you're eating at the counter, you need to get up to get the condiments.

You can see the menu on their website, but suffice to say it's breakfast and lunch food.

The serving sizes are generous; not Claimjumper generous, but generous enough to be filling.

Duck confit hash was meaty and flavorful, although it needed some hot sauce as it was a little dry. It was mixed with country potatoes and arugula and had two sunny side up eggs on top. It was served with two slices of toast made with freshly baked bread.

The B.E.L.T. sandwich (bacon, eggs, lettuce and tomato) was similarly generous in portion and quite flavorful. The bacon was smoky and the lettuce was crisp, served on ciabatta, it alone was a nice meal. But it was served with a choice of greens or quinoa. We elected the quinoa and it had a nice citrusy/nutty flavor with chopped zuccini mixed in.

Not surprisingly, the coffee was rich and strong... just as I like it.

This was a nice meal, right across the street from the new La Brea Bakery, which I have yet to try.

La Boulange
359 S. La Brea (at 4th)

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  1. Oh, and after the meal you can go across the street to the amusement park that is the new OSH store.

      1. Is La Boulange the joint bought by Starbucks?

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        1. re: lapizzamaven

          in a word YES.
          I used to enjoy sandwiches at the various La Boulange locations in San Francisco but I have not been to any of their locations since CharBux bought them out and have mixed feelings about trying the L.A. location.

        2. Interesting that you keep saying their servings are generous -- the La Boulangerie bakery choices at the Bux are small compared to the ones at the location on Matilda in Sunnyvale, when I used to live up there..

          1. Id suggest anyone who enjoys their meals to pass on Boulange and cross the street to La Brea Bakery!