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Jul 6, 2014 01:50 PM

San Francisco 4 day, 3 night trip - Wine is important!

Hi all. Thank you in advance for your suggestions. I feel like the more research I do, the less decisive about our food options we become.

We will have a smattering of breakfasts (we like brunch and love coffee), 4 lunches, and three dinners. We will be staying at the St. Regis, but are happy to travel around the city to get to the food! There are no price constraints.

I love wine, so wine lists are important component to our restaurant decisions.

There are three definites: we are eating at Crenn, we will get charcuterie from Porcellino, grab some wine from K&L and have a picnic, and we will do blue bottle coffee.

That leaves 3 lunches, two dinners, and maybe a breakfast and a brunch. I need to eliminate three dinner options, one lunch option, and add a breakfast option.


State Bird Provisions


Akikos (probably a definite, we love sushi)
La Taqueria


Foreign Cinema
Anywhere else?

Also, would love a suggestion for a place to get great cocktails. Thank you!

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  1. Bring your own wine to State Bird.

    Check out Trou Normand if you like cocktails and Charcuterie. It is pricey and you may want to make res.

    1. I like wine, too.

      Thinking a little outside the box, you might want to consider lunch at the bar at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant. Cherry pick the best the Plaza has to offer (Acme bread, cheeses from the Cow Girls, salumi from Boccalone, etc.) and bring it over to the Wine Merchant. Select a bottle or two from inventory or go by the glass at the bar. They encourage you to bring your own food. As a bonus, the people watching is pretty good. Staff selects the music and I'm ok with that.

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      1. re: steve h.

        That would be my suggestion as well.

      2. If wine is important, make room for St. Vincent, and probably pick Saison (co-owned by the sommelier) over the other Michelin-tarred restaurants.

        My other favorite wine lists are at Trou Normand, Bar Tartine, and Aquitaine.

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        1. If you like Italian wine look into Acquerello.

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            I will note that Quince has a solid Italian wine portfolio as well.

            1. re: goldangl95

              Acquerello's in a class by itself as regards breadth and depth of the most age-worthy Italian wines. They''d been building their cellar for 20 years before Quince hired a sommelier.


          2. What do you like in cocktails? I recently did a cocktail trawl that included Trou Nourmand and I found them too alcohol-forward for my tastes. Alternately, the second part of my trawl included The Cavalier which I adored (as well as the food).

            Other spots for cocktails include Smuggler's Cove for unforgettable rum drinks, Bourbon & Branch (must have reservations), Alembic (go early to avoid the crowd) and Trick Dog.