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Jul 6, 2014 01:31 PM

Blank Slate - (July 11-14)

The DH and I are coming in to town next weekend, and outside of three requirements, we're a blank slate. We have plans to hit Bachi Burger because he loves that banh mi burger. We're celebrating his graduation from Nursing school at Bartalotta, and I'd like to hit up Bacchanal because I hear such good things about it. We like all cuisines, and are not fixed on any particular budget...though we're not planning on blowing through dinner at The Mansion, either. Just looking for a few good meals while we're in town and have no idea where we want to go. We haven't been in LV in a couple of years, but have previously enjoyed meals at CP Steak, Jaleo, LOS, Mesa Grill, Daniel Boloud, and Guy Savoy. We're driving from L.A. so we'll have a car and will be willing to drive.

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  1. I would recommend Mundo on Grand Central Pkwy. They have a great grilled calamari appetizer, my wife loves the shrimp tamale and our daughter enjoys the sweet corn tamales. Here's the link:

    You might also consider Chada Thai, they are only open for dinner. Very nice place with a good selection of wines.

    If you want to try some of the places downtown then I would suggest EAT and Le Thai.

    Another option is Fat Choy inside the Eureka Casino (close to LOS).

    1. Unfortunately, Chada Thai will be closed from July 7-27 for renovations and so that the staff can get their first ever long vacation since the restaurant opened.

      Have you tried Raku?

      1. We ended up dining with friends, and they suggested Las North Las Vegas. Really good Mexican food. My husband really enjoyed the tacos, and I loved their shrimp wasn't was called something else. But it was simply amazing! While the food was good, I was a bit disappointed by the service. We waited a while before they took our drink order. They waited a while before they took our food order. There was a long delay between us requesting the check and them actually bringing it out. The restaurant was not busy. However, we were the only English-only speakers in the house, and I seemed to notice that the other patrons were getting serviced ahead of us.