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Jul 6, 2014 12:23 PM

Philadelphia suburbs

My husband and I will be traveling to the Doylestown Warminster area in a few weeks and we need a place to treat my mother-in-law to dinner. Anything in the area that would appeal to my more adventurous palette and Mom? Thanks.

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  1. In Doylestown proper, the most interesting restaurant is Honey. It is more on the small plates side but really puts together a wonderful set of flavors on the menu.

    For wonderful BYO italian in Doylestown, I highly recommend Il Mellograno. Unasuming space in a strip mall but truly the best italian food in Doylestown.

    For farm to table wonderful seasonal cuisine about 10 miles away in Perkaise you would enjoy Maize. I recommend an early reservation as the pacing is leisurely.

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      I second Maize. But be prepared to have a 2 hour + dinner. They don't rush.

    2. Maize is wonderful but, as others said, be prepared for a leisurely meal. In Doylestown, we have greatly enjoyed Genevieve's Kitchen, a byob across from the County theater.