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Jul 6, 2014 11:54 AM

split top buns for lobstah rolls or hot dogs this article mentions that Fudrucker's sells split top rolls - no other sources locally except to buy the pan from King Arthur and make your own. the pan is about $30.

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  1. Woodhouse and some of the other lobster-roll specialists get their split-top rolls somewhere.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Porcellino uses 'em for this hot dog. I put in a request to come up with a fried clam roll for summer. ;)

    2. There was an older thread on the subject:
      And it was mentioned that there's a bakery in Los Gatos that sells them.

      I believe you have to call first, though.

      1. Being from CT, it's split-top all the way when it comes to lobster rolls -- aka top-split. Hard for me to imagine an artisan version of them, as I associate a certain Wonder Breadesque taste and texture with them, as in this product:

        I would not ordinarily suggest Target as a food source but they do sell a ton of PF products and might have odd items not found in regular grocery stores.

        However you get top-split buns, make sure you butter them generously on the outside and griddle them!

        1. Cut off the sides of an ordinary hot dog bun :)
          Seriously, this is what I do since moving to the west coast