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Jul 6, 2014 11:41 AM

L'Impasto, Cambridge - kudos

I needed a place to have lunch following a family event on a Sunday mid-afternoon (3pm). I called L'Impasto, explained we were looking for a table for 12 or so, and would they be willing to accommodate us an hour before their official opening time (4pm). I spoke with the owner / chef Riccardo who immediately agreed, took my contact information, called back a couple of days later with the final number and that was it.

We showed up at 3:10, had the restaurant to ourselves - our waiter Kevin was very accommodating and gracious. The food, most importantly, was very good - the pastas made to perfection, the house-baked bread - everyone was thrilled with their dishes and the lunch was a success. I also enjoyed the polpo salad.

Not too many places in the area willing to open up before posted hours - really pleasant experience all the way around.

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  1. Very nice to know this. Thanks. We are often in need of this type of thing.

    1. Glad it worked out for your group, Bob. Four of us went to L'impasto for the first time a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. We started with a creamy burrata with roasted peppers and prosciutto, and had lasagna with bolognese and b├ęchamel, cannelloni with sausage and b├ęchamel, ravioli filled with potato and piave cheese, and whole wheat pasta with wild mushrooms and garlic (this wasn't loved by the person who ordered it, but I thought it was quite good.) Overall, the food was delicious and the house-made pasta and bread wonderful.

      Service was sweet and enthusiastic. The two servers appeared to be quite young, maybe high school girls, and did their best to answer questions but definitely were new to the industry.

      Anyway, we'll happily return. It's a little gem of a place.

      1. FYI: They are closed until August. They stated that today (Sunday) would be their last day of service until then, but when I trekked over there for bread at 5:00 pm, they had a new sign up stating that yesterday was their last day of service. I almost had a meltdown in front of the restaurant as my hubby and I had been eagerly anticipating their bread all day. Oh-well! We will be first in line when they reopen next month.