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Jul 6, 2014 10:30 AM

Water spots on my grill please help

So I have some pretty hard water spots on my char-broil gass grill. It's everywhere:

pretty much water spots on all the black part of the grill. Will I be able to get these water spots out? If so how?

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    1. Ha. Ha, Ha. It's Sunday, I'll pass.

      1. It's a piece of outdoor cooking equipment... cleaning isn't necessary in my book.

        1. Don't sweat it...there's more important things to do, like dry your sink! Seriously, pickup a clay cleaning bar and detail spray from an autoparts store, and cover the thing when not in use

          1. Hi Dex!
            Don't mind the haters who have no idea how hard water deposits can ruin everything from stainless steel sinks to gas grills.

            When you have nice things and want to keep them that way, it's hard for some to comprehend that.

            You can check out my post about drying my stainless steel sink, the pic of the sink before and after is what we all deal with in So.'s 4th post from bottom.


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              Unbunch your panties, BC, nobody hates you...Just having fun with you! It was a funny post

              1. re: BiscuitBoy

                First of all BiscuitBoy, I don't wear's a Brazilian thong..hee hee
                Sorry for the visual.

                I think we need a 'Drum Off' like Will Ferrell and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers on Jimmy Fallon.

                Notice there is NO water spots on their stainless steel hardware.
                ; )