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Jul 6, 2014 08:55 AM

What's for Dinner #311 - the Relax, Kick Back, and Enjoy Summer Edition [through July 11, 2014]

A gorgeous day.

Enjoying the breeze and bright sunshine, Sunday brunch, dipping your toes into the pool or lake, yard work, growing vegetables and herbs, sunning yourself on the beach, exploring parts previously unknown, coming up with new concoctions to throw on the grill - how do you spend your summer days?

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  1. As for me, I had a very restless night with little sleep. So I'll be sticking around the house for this last day of vacation. :::sob::::

    Was just listening to a Sunday morning radio show called A Train on WUMB, made myself some breakfast, enjoyed it in the dining room with the cats sitting in the windowsill, chattering at the birds.

    I'll do some clean-up around the house, and while I was originally going to have some leftover pulled pork, I changed my mind. A (slightly large) lamb burger was pulled from the freezer, and I'll split that in half and reform into smaller slider patties to be quickly cooked, topped with feta cheese, caramelized onion, and some type of sauce/spread (maybe yogurt mixed with garlic, Aleppo pepper, and some fresh herbs). Sliders to be served on the small whole wheat potato rolls I got for the pulled pork a few days ago.

    Sweet potato fries alongside made in the convection oven to (hopefully) get crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Not sure of what to make in which to dip the fries.

    There will be wine. Fortification needed for going back to work tomorrow. To what I already know is going to be a busy day.

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        Ended up just finishing up the yogurt sauce - Greek yogurt, minced garlic, Aleppo, and some minced parsley and thyme. The smidge I swept off the mixing spoon tasted good, so I think a small dollop on each slider bun will work.

        I just realized that my original "menu" doesn't have a green of any kind. I suppose I should make a quick salad..........................................Nah. Burger and fries works for me. :-)

        ETA: COLESLAW! I've got enough of that, so that'll be my "green veg" tonight.

    1. The first of my patio tomatoes are ready! They are small sungold ones and taste so sweet! There were only a handful so most likely they won't make to dinner.

      Inspired by a meal with friends last night I am going to do a riff on that for dinner tonight.

      I was also able to get some fresh harpooned swordfish, the first of the season for me! This will be simply grilled. In addition I picked up some fresh pasta at our local italian market. The sauce will be some cherry tomatoes from the farmers market. They will be sliced in half and then sautéed with garlic and olive oil just until they start to break down then remove from heat and add a handful of chiffonaded (sp?) basil. My basil plants are going crazy. If motivated I will roast some beets for a beet salad.

      and yes LW, there will be wine!

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      1. re: foodieX2

        We were in Seattle and it's been busy since I got back so behind a couple WFD threads. Hope y'all have been eating well (of course you have!).

        Been cooking the standbys lately with a T. Keller chicken and savoury pinhead oats with kale last night. Thinking about a red Thai curry with fish tonight.

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          I'm so envious of all the fresh fish folks here have! I live inland, so unless I go catch some trout or something there is not a lot in the way of really fresh fish.

          Though I'm also jealous of the basil, and I could totally grow some here, just lazy. Just color me green!

          I will also be having beets today, though, so I'll probably be red with envy from all the beets!

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            I make that same pasta dish all the time. And sometimes add lemon zest....and/or capers.

          2. So, we didn't sink in the tandem kayak while paddling to watch the fireworks from the river. We did, however, get caught in a downpour(I seriously thought it was hailing) on the paddle back. Regardless of the horrific weather, it was amazing to see the show up close.

            Onto food!
            Triple berry pie with a cream cheese crust. Festive with the stars, non? They are stars of David, but still.

            Almond crusted pan fried cod, shaved asparagus salad with a rice wine vinegar dressing, roasted broccoli. This was awesome. Must make shaved asparagus salad for the rest of time.

            Yesterday's weather was more cooperative, so we grilled up some tuna steaks that had been marinating in a mixture of wasabi, tamari, and mirin. Alongside was a ubiquitous peanut noodle salad with bell pepper and scallions. I used quinoa pasta, which didn't have quite the heft we wanted. Oh well. Forgot to snap a pic.

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              Love the Stars of David on the scrummy looking pie, Gini! Almond crusted cod... delicious.

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                gorgeous pie!! and the cod looks wonderful too

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                    "Must make shaved asparagus salad for the rest of time." -- words to live by, gini! I loves me some asparagus "carpaccio" esp with a lemon vinaigrette and some chive blossoms. And oy, do I want a slice of that pie ;-).

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                        That pie is divine. I would have a nice cup of tea and a slice of it if I could! Very pretty!

                      2. Sunday Dinner after Church:
                        Meat Loaf ~ 1/2 Chuck, 1/2 Boudin.
                        Fresh Pink-Eyes from the Garden,
                        Fresh Squash from the Garden,
                        Fresh Boiled Okra from the Garden,
                        Fresh Slices of Tomatoes and Cucumber from the Garden.
                        Fresh Pear Salad from Kroger. ;)

                        1. Breakfast on the terrace, sometimes lunch and dinner too. Day trips up the coast for as far as we wanted to drive home.We always went North, never South. Swimming at one of several local beaches, gardening either in the flower beds or vegetable and herb garden, taking a break on the shady terrace with cold beverages, grilling on the Weber, gathering with twenty-two members of our dining club for groaning board garden parties or outdoor evening dinners every two weeks. Things changed slowly as one couple moved away, several died. These were just a few of our Summer activities. Golden memories.

                          WFD: Wasabi Salmon, Peas with Prosciutto and Green Onion, our now de rigueur Summer salad of radishes, sweet onion, cucumber, tomatoes, parsley.

                          The salmon, a recipe from the current COTM, is simply slathered with wasabi mayo and roasted for a bit till done to one's liking. Rare for us., since it's wild caught sockeye. The freshly shelled peas start out with several chopped scallions sauteed in ghee. The peas are added and cooked for a bit, crosscut slices of prosciutto are chucked in a cooked for a minute. That's all there is to it!

                          Hope your day is as glorious as it is here.