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Jul 6, 2014 08:53 AM

Looking for Good Chicken Enchiladas in Peninsula Grocery Stores

I am looking for really good chicken enchiladas from Grocery store chains, preferably on the Peninsula. I do know that La Piazza in San Mateo has super enchiladas that they sell. Mollie Stones at BayHill (San Bruno) should be ashamed at what they sell as enchiladas, they are tasteless.
Appreciate any suggestions,

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  1. are you looking for heat and eat type or deli?

    I would try Mi Pueblo which I know has chicken enchiladas and suspect Chavez market does. They are all in their taqueria area though - so already cooked. Mi Puebla has a large deli/meat section, which might have it too.

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      Prepared ones that I can heat up in a few minutes

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        Lunardis sell beef and chicken. they're in the deli, in the same section as the cheese.