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Jul 6, 2014 05:44 AM

Kabob and Grill in Ardmore

Location: 107 E County Line Road

This is a clean little place that opened recently. VERY well-seasoned and prepared Indian food. If you ask for spicy you get it spicy. Cash only, and lunch specials (around $8-12) are weekdays only. Still regular entree items are around $12 for most popular dishes. There are only a few tables, but we have never had a problem getting one on our two visits. Portions are generous, but above all, the dishes are very intricately seasoned. Both grilled and tandoori dishes were outstanding, as were stew-oriented ones like Vindaloo. Carlino's and Foodie's Markets are both a few blocks away for shopping afterwards.

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  1. Yes, they're wonderful! We discovered tonight that you can pay by credit card if you order ahead of time on their website.

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    1. re: katebauer

      Guessing that was for takeout? I suspect they are trying to avoid processing fees in-store. Can't blame them, but I wonder how much business is lost trading extra margin for convenience?

      1. re: MainLiner

        Someone on a local Facebook page mentioned that they will run a credit card in store if you ask, they just do not promote it.