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Jul 6, 2014 12:52 AM

Can't sleep. Heading to NOLA in the morning!

Sorry I won't be able to respond right away, but I would appreciate any recommendations, suggested changes, and positive or negative comments. You can probably tell by this list which specialty each place that I picked respresents. This vacation is all about restaurants (obviously). Going to try to hit the highlights at each place, not go bankrupt trying everything on every menu.
We're staying near Frenchmen Street (I actually bought earplugs, as suggested on another post), We're still deciding about renting a car or taking cabs/streetcar.
Here are the restaurants we have picked:
Restaurant R'evolution
Restaurant August
Red Gravy (breakfast)
Atchafalaya (brunch)
Commander's Palace (brunch)
Muriel's Jackson Square (lunch)
GW Fins
Plan to walk in:
Willie Mae's Scotch House
Felix's Oyster House
Cochon Butcher (take Muffalettas home on plane)
Hansen's SnoBliz
Cafe du Monde, or the beignet place in City Park (?) stroll around sculpture garden.
French Market (explore, eat, shop)
Parkway Bakery, maybe Johnny's, or Killer Po'Boys at Erin Hotel.
Drago's? or..
Million Dollar Hot Dogs (?). Street.
Bars (live music, if possible--even better if historically significant):
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
Spotted Cat
Three Muses
others... Bowling Alley?
That pirate-themed blues joint (Sorry, my list is already in my carry-on.)
Old Absinthe House (for the absinthe)
Carousel Bar?
French 75, Hermes Bar, Pat O'Brien's
I really want to go to Emeril's (still might try to get in for snacks at some odd hour), Jacques-Imos, Clancy's, Dante's Kitchen, Mr. B.'s, Lilette, K-Paul's, Brigtsen's, Sylvain. I'm sure there are many I'm forgetting. Maybe next year.
Thanks in advance!
See y'all tomorrow!

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  1. With that line-up you don't need a car or cab. You'll have to jog constantly from site-to-site or you'll be the size of Raymond Burr at the end of his life.

    1. That's quite a list. Despite its length, I'm going to mention another: Dooky Chase's. Only open for lunch Tuesday through Friday; dinner on Friday only. In Treme.