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Jul 5, 2014 10:15 PM

Best Eye Candy Staff in town


Most often, we pick the restaurant to dine in based on the food served.
Price , location, ambience, attire, service and so on are also factors. My question is, which restaurants in Los Angeles would you say has the added appeal of attracting diners and patrons because of its good looking staff, male or female. No strip joints, please. I know this is very subjective, in the same way as our taste for food vary. Besides Hooters, I see that Mastros Penthouse has gorgeous cocktail servers.

  1. I'm sure Vanderclump THINKS one of her places qualifies,
    but what self respecting Angeleno could bear to go there?

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    1. re: VenusCafe

      Who or what is "Vanderclump"?
      I take it that it is a she!

      1. re: carter

        Lisa VanderPUMP. Not sure if it was a purposeful misspelling on VenusCafe's part.

        1. re: TheOffalo

          Oh, I knew, but in this case, did it really matter?
          vdp or vdc - there is a difference?

          1. re: carter

            Sorry, kevin has ruined me for being able to detect when people are asking questions seriously or sarcastically...

      2. re: VenusCafe

        That is the only redeeming feature at Villa Blanca. Katsuya in Brentwood is another choice.

      3. Didn't Chan Dara used to be known of their female servers and hosts?

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        1. Hinoki and the Bird had a great deal of press (when they first opened) about the appearance of their waitstaff.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. When my friend opened a new place in LA most of the server applicants included head shots.

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              1. re: burntwater

                Most restaurants in LA require a potential employee (at least, a FOH one) to attach a headshot. Which must make applicants who don't get the job feel awesome about themselves.