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Jul 5, 2014 09:40 PM

Top end recommendations in Singapore?

Looking for 1 top dining experience
Seeking advise for top end suggestions, Fourseasons please chime in

The only top end restaurant that I have tried so far and not disappointed is shinji, somehow I get the feeling that restaurants like Joel robuchon , Andre will be disappointing to me , based on what I see from pictures and reviews, any feedback is appreciated , very particular on ingredient quality.

Waku ghin seems like a gamble , very expensive also simple execution , quite hesitant on this
Would like to go to CUT , but they are out of A5 Kobe beef now .

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  1. report for shinji at kanesaka at st regis(since raffles branch was full for lunch), i think chef kikuchi is not very attentive (gari was never replenised at this branch) , in fact i think the other younger chefs at raffles branch was better , occasionally topping up gari and more precise in sushi preparation.
    overall experience not as good as the raffles branch, will only return to raffles branch now

    smokehouse at great world city (was walking around and just happen to passby so i went and took a look at the prices, so i thought it was good value, prices lower than isetan supermarket) , can give yakiniku yazawa a run for their money. the price point i think its even lower than aburiya and more value for $.
    well marbled australian karubi only $10 plus for 100gms, 100gm japanese beef chateaubriand only around $34 sgd + , downside, the meat is not marinated for your diy bbq, so you have to fix your own sauce, their inhouse bbq sauce is a little meaty , heavy (those who like yazawa may like this style) , so i squeezed some lemon juice into the sauce. also tables for 2 pax quite close to another table

    Himalayan pink salt, black pepper grinders DIY. i think its a ceramic grill , with charcoal at the bottom, not a fan of ceramic grills thou.

    freeflow kimchi, soup, rice, garlic fried rice and salad. and ice water.
    i think i ordered around 50- 60gms of each, jo tan , aust karubi and us angus karubi(combined), tontoro, japanese zabuton and sankaku(60 grams combined i think) , japanese chateaubriand (1 big piece , forgotten the weight)
    total came up to around less than $110sgd.

    1. Robuchon is on par with international outlets. Jaan has been liked by people I know, but haven't been myself.

      1. I loved Andre. I went last year, in October, and they had an anniversary menu going on. It was such a superlative dining experience - I don't think anything was off the mark at all. Worth everything we spent on it, though as I said we really lucked out with the anniversary menu. I thought the execution was stunning, the courses were planned impeccably for such a vast menu. I'm sure others who have compared and contrasted the other options can give the current scenario, but if Andre standards have fallen I will be sorely disappointed.