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Jul 5, 2014 09:29 PM

Baby Shower Locations

i am throwing a friend a baby shower in August. There should be about 30-40 people at the luncheon. It will be coed and I would like to offer good food, and the option of wine and beer for purchase by guests - but my budget is super, super tight. We are located in the valley (Studio City area) so it would be nice to find a location not too far. I think the budget restriction will be the major issue. I would like to keep the costs around $600. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!


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  1. I know this is an old one, but it still works plus they have everything you want. Cafe Bizou on Ventura Blvd. Had so many parties people got tired of it, but they do a great job at a reasonable price. Plus you can have a private room.

    1. August in Griffith Park would be beautiful. there's a spot where they do a lot of weddings (up near the Greek). I'm not sure of the alcohol restrictions, but you could do a fun BBQ type of shower. Taco catering (where they grill the meat there), and cool metel bins of beer and wine. I'm sure they have some sort of sound system, or you could hire a mariachi band (going with the Mexican theme.) I'm only thinking along these lines because it's coed-- most, if not all, of the guys I know would rather yank out one of their own toenails than attend a baby shower. I'm sure you could do something like that within your budget.

      EDIT: I just checked their website. No alcohol.

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        but pregnant and hot in GP could suck hard for the mom to be.

        1. re: jessejames

          True dat. I was thinking in a shaded area, though. But yeah, if it's one of those days we've been having lately, even the trees can't save you.

      2. Don't make fun of me ...but check out Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City.

        1. If you are looking at $15-20 a person, I would find a friend to host and call in a taco truck or bring in platters of Chinese food.

          I don't know where you can have a shower and come in at $20 inclusive of food/beverage/tax and tip.