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Jul 5, 2014 07:14 PM

Eats near Greenwich?

Staying in Greenwich. Have been reading that prices in general are higher due to locale.
We are not opposed to driving a little for good food or interesting memorable experiences. Lunch and dinner recs are appreciated.

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  1. These are a few on my short list...can u advise please.
    Bar Taco
    tarry lodge

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      Tarry Lodge is one of my favorites. You can do a full meal or sit at the bar and just have pizza, atmosphere is classy yet casual. Also you can go around the corner to Tarry Market and pick up snacks for later. The Kneaded Bread Bakery next door is also delicious.
      I also like Barcelona, it has a lively crowd later in the evening.
      L'Escale is great for lunch on a nice day, beautiful views, but can get pricey for dinner. For a much more casual outdoor lunch I like Cappriccio in Stamford.

    2. if you have access to a car I would suggest heading into port chester for at least a few meals. Acuario I feel is the best peruvian/seafood around (and incredibly well priced), Tarry lodge seems to be hyped up/popular (I have never been). Panang Grill off of Greenwich avenue offers nice lunch and dinner specials and is quite reasonably priced. Bar Taco is decent, parking on nights/weekends can be a little tricky. I feel there are more "authentic" places in Port Chester if you simply park and walk around (really nice in the current weather).

      Q (BBQ) in Port Chester has weekday lunch specials and delivers in my opinion. They even have a hand washing station in the middle of the dining room to wash all that sauce off your hands.

      I am not saying there aren't any good restaurants in Greenwich, but having lived there for a good 8 years left me jaded, and always willing to drive into Port Chester when I wanted something authentic and affordable

      1. If you stick with pasta or pizza at Tarry, great grub!!! For fun and water views, Seaside Johnnies in Rye. l'escale-- though pricy -- offers nicely prepared french food and lovely views ... For italian -- Polpo, and it unlike other Greenwich overpriced restos, is worth the money.