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Kneaded Bread in Port Chester

Nobody talks much about Kneaded Bread (181 N Main St, Port Chester). It preceded the goormay incursion in Port Chester, which I guess relegates it to "townie" status amid the likes of Tarry Market, etc etc. But they've been baking really well for years now.

I stopped in today for two very tricky items: a cheese danish (when was the last time you had a truly great cheese danish?) and a whole wheat croissant, which I'm told is so hard to do well it's nearly a contradiction in terms. I've never had one worth a damn.

The danish was a master class in balance. It's not a tricky thing to bake, but so many factors need to be in balance for it to really pop. And pop it did; the sweet glaze, the buttery bland crust, the cheese texture and proportion and the nearly subliminal lemon all worked together to create an ur-cheese danish. The danish you dream in your dreams of cheese danish. Right on point.

And I've never had a successful whole wheat croissant before. Few even attempt it. It had the flavor/aroma/texture of the bran and germ, but it wasn't weighed down in the least. Really couldn't find anything the least bit wrong.

This place deserves way more respect. Nothing fancy, but the skill and touch just can't be beat, even compared to, say, City Bakery.

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  1. Their bread is really really good.

    1. fyi- the same people own "Q" in portchester

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        I've heard mixed things about Q. Is it worthy, from your point of view?



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          Q is not really good enough for a destination, but it is about the best anywheres nearby.But the again I was spoiled years ago by pearson's bbq (long gone) from stratford and then closer, which i found far better than any other places nearby,including most of the highly touted nyc places.Back on subject Q will at least be considered good and would definitely recommend that you give it a try

      2. It really is fantastic. We go often with our young kids and it's the perfect early start to our day. I'm addicted to their mixed berry scone but everything from their muffins to doughnuts to brioches is wonderful.

        1. What makes you think this place doesn't receive sufficient "respect"?

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            Quantity of press, online postings/ratings, presence in "best-of" roundups, mention here and generally among food-lovers, and sufficiently superlative language when it is mentioned. I always, for example, mention it when I meet people from Port Chester, and a surprising number have never even heard of the place.

            You may disagree. But that's not nearly as interesting a discussion as exchange of notes/tips for good stuff to try. Or even dissent from people who think I'm over-praising.

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              Next time try the chocolate challah. Sounds as if it could be disgusting, but it's quite addictive. (Chunks of cholcolate scattered through quite good challah.)

          2. I think they just stopped talking about it!!! It is very good and I think there have been many mentions. Always welcome a new one!!


            1. They have a rosemary-olive bread -- I can never remember exactly what kind -- that is truly wonderful. Actually, basically all the breads I've had have been very good -- in some ways, the bigger the bread, the better.

              One of the things I really like about this place is that it is very inclusive, and doesn't have to fall on any one side of a gentrification divide. It sells stuff that appeal to a lot of people, and at very good prices.

              They also have a very welcome lunchtime soup option. The black bean was very tasty.

              Now I'm wanting the cheese danish, though.

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                Funny you should mention the cheese danish- just had one yesterday,from neri's bakery in portcheter. Really enjoyed it.Not as high-end as kneaded bread ,but very good for what it is (and the price too)

              2. Townie vs goormay...? I'd bet my lunch on the "townie" joint!

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                  Idunno. To me, goormay food is just another ethnicity to enjoy, when it's good.

                  Way, way back I was something of a reverse snob. Then a friend observed that I like fancy, gussied-up food as much as anything...when it's good. And I suddenly realized that that sort of thing is just another sort of ethnic food to be sought after and appreciated. When it's good.

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                    have to agree with you jim-good food is just that-good food, btw just got back from mami's on your rec- was good but i wish i knew what more of the items were.basically had the same chick and rice also a fried(?) pepper that was supposed to be spicy- was good but not spicy

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                      I'll reply there, so that the discussion will be of use to other hounds

                2. They have the best multi-grain bread. I like how they tell you to put it in the slicing machine yourself. A bit scary but you have to learn to survive.

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                    i used to like that too--just call me four-finger freddie *L*

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                      They no longer have self-service bread slicing. The slicer is behind the counter now.