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BERKSHIRE eats ( staying near Hancock Ma)

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So all the threads on the Berkshire eats are over a year old....can I get any CH's here that can suggest:
- Fri night - light but interesting eats - not heavy or expensive
- Best Breakfast spots
- Sat night - music and/or outdoor eats --not heavy, something fun + interesting
- Lunches - will wing it unless some CH's have "not to miss" spots....
- Sunday Brunch????

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  1. We have become big fans of Baba Louie's in Pittsfield for thin crust wood fired pizza and great salads.
    People like Peter Haven in Lenox for breakfast and brunch.

    1. If you're in Hancock - Mill on the Floss is not too far. Old fashioned, French. Lovely service. Love that place


      1. I am not an expert on the Berkshires but I was there about 2 months ago and am going again this coming weekend so I have been doing a little research on the area (more Southern Berkshires than Northern as I am staying in Great Barrington). Last time there I tried the house made chacuterie at The Meat Market in Great Barrington which was excellent. They do an Asado Grill Friday-Sunday from 5:30-9 PM (check out their website at themeatmarketgb.com); also according to seriouseats.com, they make a great burger available for lunch or dinner. At the Meat Market they butcher and cure all of their own meats on site. Pick up delicious homemade donuts at the Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe also in Great Barrington. I have not been but The Haven Cafe in Lenox is supposed to be very good for breakfasts. Last time there I tried Baba Louie for pizza and I would not recommend it and nothing special. Haven't been but have reservations at Chez Nous in Lee on Saturday night (interesting menu and you can get 1/2 portions of everything which is unusual).

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          I like Chez Nous.
          But then, I like Baba Louie's.

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            You will love Chez Nous. Leave room for dessert and I am not usually a dessert person.

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              Chez Nous is very good. I still love Mill on the Floss!!

          2. Near Hancock? MEZZE in Williamstown...

            1. Its about an hour from Hancock but Outlook Farm is great for shopping and eating. I have friend who stocks up on fresh pork products for me every time she goes. She swears by them for lunch and breakfast too.


              1. There is a little dive place on the main road near jiminy peak called Bob's. Really good simple breakfast.

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                  Bob's is on Rt. 7 in Lanesboro. Mezze is great, but swamped in the summer. I love the ideas of the Meat Market, but you pay absolute top dollar for small servings. I'd pick Prairie Whale over that any day, also serves pasture raised meat. Supposed to have a great weekend brunch.

                2. Mezze for upscale farm to table, reservations are very hard to get in the summer. Lite easy fare with great beer, The Olde Forge on Rt 7 in Lanesborough. In North Adams is Public Eat & Drink which I have come to love. For breakfast it seems everyone loves Haven in Lenox but I find it a little too expensive for what you get. Brunch is a hard one to find in the Berkshires. Mill on the Floss..... excellent, upscale

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                    We also love Public - during the last Solid Sound Festival, I think we went 3 times. For breakfast, I adore Brewhaha, which is basically right next doors to Public. I always get a tofu something-or-other bagel sandwich and devour it.

                  2. For light/small plates, try Brava in Lenox, or Mission in Pittsfield which also usually has music. Spice Dragon in Pittsfield is also not bad, Vietnamese-based pan Asian with sushi too, but if you are coming from somewhere that has great Asian food I probably wouldn't bother.

                    For lunch I highly agree with whoever mentioned the Old Forge in Lanesboro, above average pub standards, the best chicken wings you will get anywhere (esp. the "Buff Orpington") and a world class craft beer list.

                    Chez Nous in Lee is good, as was Alta in Lenox although haven't been there in a while.

                    If you want something unique to the Berkshires, you could consider the Dream Away lodge in Becket. The food is good not great but it's a really unique atmosphere and they usually have live music.

                    Brunch I've got nothing. Haven I agree is pretty good but a little expensive for what it is. I'm not as up on North County as some of the other posters. How far are you willing to go? I'm leaving out anything south of Lee but if you are going to make it to the G. Barrington area I could have some more recs.

                    1. Had lunch one weekend a the Morgan House. Very good food, great service. Actually had a Meatloaf sandwich on a Brioche Bun with blue cheese, bacon and carmelized onions. Better than most upscale burgers. Nice atmosphere also. American fare.

                      1. OK so the weekend went oh so fast......went to Bob's for breakfast, Powder Hounds for drinks and nibbles, Red Lion Inn for dinner after a visit to Norman Rockwell museum,,,,Mt Greylock cafe for lunch at the top of the mountain....will post details later from just ehhh to lovely surprise....