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Jul 5, 2014 01:39 PM

How Long Will Thawed Scallops Last in the Fridge?

Hi Chowhounds! It's been awhile, but I knew I could count on all of you for my question. I usually scoff at these food safety threads, but I'm really not sure on this one. Here's my situation. I have a bag of packaged scallops that came frozen from Wegmans. I did a quick defrost in a bowl of cold water Wednesday evening, and in the middle of preparing dinner, I lost power. I immediately put them in the fridge and power was probably out for 2 hours, but I ended up going out to dinner that night and didn't cook them. With the holiday weekend and everything, I haven't had a chance to cook them either until this evening. Will they still be ok? I haven't opened the bag to smell them, so of course if they smell funky I will definitely toss, but is there any possibility that they're fine to cook and eat now?

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  1. They should be fine but trust your nose

    1. Refrigerated seafood should always be on a bed of ice, and preferably a blanket as well, though it should not be allowed to sit IN the melted ice unless it is in waterproof wrapping. I suspect they will smell if they weren't iced.

      1. Well I cooked and ate the scallops. I'll let ya'll know tomorrow if they were safe to eat, lol.

        1. For future reference in regard to this, and virtually all other such questions:

          1. My wife and I both love raw scallops, so they never last in our fridge.

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                Sorry! That's the first thing I thought of.